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Emergency dentist & dental care in Worcester, MA

Relief is right around the corner with our dedicated emergency dentist and dental care services in your neighborhood.

Dealing with a dental emergency?

If you’re experiencing a cracked or broken tooth, severe tooth pain, gum swelling or any other dental emergency, walk-in to your local Aspen Dental office for same-day emergency dentist appointments and find the relief you need, fast.​

Emergency dental services we offer

Severe toothache or decay

Swollen or bleeding gums

Emergency dental care—we’re here for you

Schedule same-day emergency dentist appointments for:

  1. Injury to gums, tongue, cheeks, or lips​

  2. Trauma or injury to your jaw​

  3. A foreign object stuck between your teeth​

  4. Prolonged post-operative pain​

Your dental emergency, our priority

Easy scheduling

Appointments that work for your busy schedule at 1,100+ locations, with one right near you.

Immediate care

Walk in today, get in today. Our expert teams are here for you when it matters.

Affordable prices

From amazing offers to our Aspen Dental Savings Plan, your best smile is always within reach.

Aspen Dental services in Worcester, MA

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