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Types of dentures

Considering different types of dentures? At Aspen Dental, we offer a range of denture options customized to benefit your unique smile, lifestyle and budget. 

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Which denture type is right for you?

Have any missing or broken teeth? The good news is, you’ve got options. Find out which smile solution is best for you by taking the quiz.

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Types of dentures you’ll love

We proudly offer you a variety of types of dentures to suit your smile. This is unique to Aspen Dental because not all dentists provide multiple selections—but we want you to have options. Learn more about affordable dentures solutions so you can get back to living life on your terms.  

On a white background, a model of implant dentures is shown with the words 'removable' and 'long-lasting' emphasizing it as a durable solution.

Implant dentures

Smile securely with an affordable implant solution that leverages the ease of dentures. With implant dentures—you’ll finally be able to enjoy your favorite foods again, like juicy steak and crispy apples.

A model of full dentures on a white background with the words 'leading warranties.' Full dentures are a type of denture option available for patients who are interested in a complete arch solution at an affordable price.

Full dentures

Our full denture line includes a variety of dentures designed to replace an arch or row of teeth. With basic to premium options, you can customize a new denture to fit your smile and budget. Enjoy a full, beautiful smile at an affordable price. 

Partial dentures showcased on lower denture model with words 'Durable' on it, emphasizing denture options for tooth replacement.

Partial dentures

If you’re filling in gaps to complete your natural smile, partial dentures are for you. Customize your solution with options ranging in cost and comfort.  

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Best-in-class quality dentures

Using the latest technology, our onsite labs have the tools and expertise to handcraft beautiful, affordable dentures in days—not weeks. No matter your budget, we’ll craft you a million-dollar smile at a price you can afford. And just to be sure you’re satisfied, we’ll put our money on it by offering our denture warranty and Denture Money-Back Guarantee

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How we make affordable dentures

At Aspen Dental, we craft your custom dentures in our onsite labs, providing you end-to-end care all under one roof. We also offer easy financing—in just 3 steps we can get you approved and start treatment the same day. 

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Explore types of dentures

At Aspen Dental, it’s our mission to provide you with a smile you love at a price you can afford. If you’re considering getting dentures to fill in your smile, we offer a variety of payment plans, financing options, our Aspen Dental Savings Plan, and we work with a number of dental insurance providers to keep costs low for you. 

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Denture types FAQs

Upper dentures are created to custom fit your mouth by following the shape of your upper jaw. They replace either your entire upper row, or arch, of teeth and can be secured using adhesives; or they replace a section of missing upper teeth with a partial denture. Upper partial dentures may contain metal clasps to help secure them into place.

Lower dentures are created to custom fit your mouth by following the shape of your lower jaw. They can replace the entire bottom row of your teeth, or a lower partial denture can replace a section of teeth. Due to where it’s located in your mouth, these types of dentures can feel loose or uncomfortable for some patients.

When replacing a full row, or arch, of teeth with a lower denture, some medical providers will use suction cups or clips to help you secure your lower denture in your mouth. While these can help temporarily, they can also lead to discomfort on your gums or cause sores. At Aspen Dental, our best, clinically-recommended solution to help ease any potential discomfort with a lower denture is implant dentures. These types of dentures create the most natural feeling denture by having the most secure fit of any traditional or removable denture available.

At Aspen Dental, our implant denture solution is a fully removable denture that replaces missing teeth with a precise, custom-fitted Comfilytes℠ denture. The Comfilytes℠ denture snaps onto dental implants, providing a secure-fitting and long-term solution if you need to replace an entire row of teeth or require a full mouth restoration.

A popular smile replacement solution for total tooth loss, full dentures are removable dental appliances or prosthetics made by your Aspen Dental Denture Experts to replace a complete upper or lower arch of missing teeth (or both). Dentures restore your smile’s appearance, functionality and ability to chew and speak so you smile easy again. Custom-made to fit your smile in our onsite labs, our dentures are composed of artificial teeth set in a gum-colored acrylic base, with options to personalize your smile further based on the denture package you select.

A removable smile solution that’s customized by your Aspen Dental Denture experts for your unique smile, partial dentures are prosthetics that replace partial tooth loss for multiple teeth so you get a seamless fit between your natural teeth. They consist of artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic or metal framework. Partial dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth so they’re supported by your remaining natural teeth or dental implants and they restore the look and functionality of your smile.

Snap-in dentures (or implant dentures) are removable arches that securely attach to dental implants affixed in your mouth. Depending on your dental needs, your dentist may recommend a single arch to replace a row of teeth, or 2 arches to restore both rows of your smile.