An Aspen Dental veneers patient smiles.

How much do veneers cost?

Veneers inspire a priceless confidence in your smile. Let’s walk through the factors that affect the cost of veneers to help you find the right solution for you.

How much are veneers at Aspen Dental?

Veneers can cost between $583 - $1351¹

What affects how much veneers cost?

Veneers are priced per tooth—so the more you need, the higher the cost. Your Aspen Dental care team will work with you to find a plan that meets your needs—including third-party financing options.

¹Average price, including available discounts, across all markets.

The type of veneers

  • Thin, custom-made shells designed to fit on your teeth

  • Stronger, more durable and more stain resistant than composite veneers

  • More costly and may take more visits

  • Made by bonding tooth-colored material to your teeth

  • Require less enamel to be removed from your teeth than for porcelain veneers

  • Can sometimes be completed in just one visit and are easy to fix if damaged

The cost of veneers is per tooth, so the more teeth you treat the higher the cost. Your dentist will work with you to meet your needs and budget.

Exploring the price of veneers

Prices can vary from state-to-state and even among offices within the same community. The experience level of your practitioner may also impact the cost of placing your veneers

So, how much does it cost to get veneers?

When you visit an Aspen Dental provider, you’ll receive a personal treatment plan that outlines exactly how much your veneers will cost. And if you still have questions about whether you can afford veneers, we’ll help with that, too—because everyone’s treatment plan is an unique as your dental care needs.

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Insurance and financing

We offer a range of pricing and financing options to fit your budget, with 4 out of 5 applications approved through third-party lenders.

Affording the cost of veneers

Find out how affordable dental veneers can be at Aspen Dental. And get ready for a brighter, more confident smile.