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Veneers cost at Aspen Dental

If you’re ready to flash a picture-perfect smile, we can help. Find the best veneers solution for you by learning how much they cost and what affects pricing.

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How much do veneers really cost?

Patients on average pay $1,043¹

Veneers do more than transform your smile—they transform your confidence. We want you to have the smile of your dreams, so we provide a variety of veneers for every need and budget.

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¹Price displayed is the average price paid by patients in the Aspen Dental network for selected services.

What affects the cost of veneers?

How much you pay depends on:

Veneer materials

From porcelain to composite, the material your dentist recommends impacts costs.

Procedure complexity

If you need teeth shaping or gum contouring, it will affect your plan pricing.

Number of teeth

Pricing is based on material and number of teeth. The more teeth, the more you pay.

Dental office location

Overall costs vary from office to office to reflect the surrounding area and economy.

Cost of veneers based on type

Veneer pricing is based on material and the number of teeth you add veneers to. Learn what veneers could cost you today based on what you select.

The average cost that Aspen Dental patients pay for porcelain veneers is $1,477². This is because porcelain veneers are the most natural looking option with the highest durability. Pricing is a based on a cost per tooth, and because they last 15 years or longer, the long-term benefits can often justify the initial expense because they’re built to last and are easy to maintain.

²Price displayed is the average price paid by patients in the Aspen Dental network for selected services.

If you’re on a tighter budget or prefer less invasive treatments, composite veneers may be the answer with an average price of $1,043³. With a lower cost and the potential for same-day results, composite veneers are the budget-friendly solution that still give you a smile you can be proud to show off.

³Price displayed is the average price paid by patients in the Aspen Dental network for selected services.

Opting for a full set of veneers ensures a you get consistent look for your entire smile but naturally comes with at a higher price tag because you’re transforming all of your teeth. Full mouth set pricing is based on the number of teeth recommended for veneers. Your dentist may recommend up to 20 to 28 teeth, depending on how many teeth you have, your goals and your current oral health, which will impact your out-of-pocket costs.

Prices vary depending on the materials prescribed for your smile. Dentists may also recommend dental crowns be used for molars or pre-existing conditions (root canals, previous fillings or damage due to decay) because they can be more durable than veneers, which is important for function, chewing and eating.

⁴Price displayed is the average price paid by patients in the Aspen Dental network for selected services.

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Explore veneers cost FAQs

Have more questions? We have answers.

At Aspen Dental, we aim to provide you with affordable veneer solutions. Veneers cost typically range from $600 to $2,500 per tooth. Factors like material, dental office location and the number of veneers influence the final price.

Your porcelain veneer options vary based on the practice you choose. Broadly, they can range from $925 to $2,500 per tooth. At Aspen Dental, we aim to provide you with high quality solutions at an affordable price, so the average price for porcelain veneers is $$1,477⁵.

The cost of porcelain veneers can vary based on office location and the number of veneers needed. We recommend you consult with your dentist for a personalized estimate based on your specific needs and treatment plan. 

⁵Price displayed is the average price paid by patients in the Aspen Dental network for selected services.

The cost of veneers with insurance coverage can vary, as dental insurance plans often consider veneers a cosmetic procedure. Many insurance policies do not fully cover cosmetic treatments, including veneers, viewing them as elective treatment rather than medically necessary.

The cost of veneers without insurance can vary based on several factors, including the material used, the geographical location of the dental practice, and the specific requirements of the individual case. You can expect veneers to range from $600 to $2,500 per tooth. When you’re at the office, you can apply for financing to help distribute the cost of veneers over time. Call your local Aspen Dental office to learn more about available financing options.

With proper care, veneers can last 10-15 years. Regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene contribute to their longevity.

Traditional veneers, also known as porcelain veneers, are the most durable option, which means they tend to be more expensive. Composite veneers may be more budget-friendly alternatives but are not as long-term of a solution as porcelain veneers. Schedule a visit today to discuss your options with your dentist based on your needs and budget.

Yes, your dentist can provide a personalized cost estimate during a consultation, considering your specific case and treatment plan.


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