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Am I a candidate for Motto® clear aligners?

Motto clear aligners, whitening kit included.

Get next generation clear aligners

Only Motto® clear aligners can straighten your teeth for half the price¹ of traditional options and let you see results in as little as 6 months too.²

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Make your dream smile a reality

Motto clear aligners start at just $1,895 — that's less than $2/day³ — and are covered by many dental insurance plans (Medicaid not included). No insurance? We can help set you up with financing that works for you.

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Close up of a Motto clear aligner.

See results in less than 6 months²

1. Start today 

Get your customized treatment plan.

2. Wear your aligners 

With occasional check-ins, we’ll make sure treatment is on track.

3. Love your new smile

Finish treatment with a straighter grin.

You can get a smile you'll love, too

Every day, more patients are saying goodbye to crooked teeth and finding their ideal smile through Motto. See their before & after stories.

Before and after comparison photos of a man's smile transformation with Motto.

“They have it all down to a science. They knew exactly what they were doing and they were efficient in doing it.”

- Maurice D.

Before and after comparison photos of a woman's smile transformation with Motto.

“My doctor got me a perfect smile faster in almost half the time that my last Ortho had me on track for.”

- Supriya B.

Before and after comparison photos of a senior man's smile transformation with Motto.

“I never thought the opportunity to straighten my teeth would be this easy.”

- Harry A.

Dentist Dr. Ataii and Aspen Dental colleague smiling, representing Motto clear aligners.

Smile. We’ve got you.

With Motto, you’ll get treated by a clear aligners expert at Aspen Dental. Our dentists are mentored by a nationally-recognized leader who has 25+ years of clear aligner experience.

Care that’s convenient

Come on in to one of the 1000+ Aspen Dental locations near you. You can start teeth straightening treatment today. And to make your Motto aligners journey more convenient, add MottoMonitoring™ to your plan so you can do periodic check-ins remotely.

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Am I a candidate?

Motto® clear aligners FAQ

Aspen Dental makes Motto® treatment affordable with patient financing solutions. We accept insurance—and typically an insurance policy that covers traditional braces also covers Motto to the same extent. Aspen Dental also accepts tax-free dollars using an FSA or HSA.

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Motto® clear aligners are a comfortable, removable and virtually invisible alternative to braces. People may not even notice you’re wearing them! Enjoying your favorite foods is as simple as removing the aligners. Biting into an apple, chewing gum and eating popcorn are no problem. And brushing and flossing are snap—just remove the aligners and go.

Motto® treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months.² Your personal treatment may vary depending on your needs and will be determined by your dentist.

²Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.

During the first day that you use each set of Motto® aligners, you may feel some discomfort from the aligner gently moving your teeth. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. In most cases, the discomfort passes within the first day, and you barely notice it after that.

Motto® aligners should be worn day and night, except when eating, brushing, and flossing. We recommend wearing the aligners 20–22 hours per day.

Just give us a call, schedule online, or just walk into your nearest participating Aspen Dental office for a free scan. The dentist will create a personalized treatment plan just for you.

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¹If patient selects MottoEssential package. The average price of Invisalign is about $5,040 and the average cost of braces is about $5000.
²Average Motto patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary. Mean treatment time with traditional braces 19.9 months data on file. 
³If patient chooses 60 month financing; Subject to financing approval.

About Motto clear aligners

If you’re like most people, you’ve considered straightening your teeth. In fact, chances are you’ve come across clear aligners as a great straightening option. But what exactly are clear aligners and how do you know if Motto™ is right for you? Motto clear aligners are personalized trays designed to fit on your teeth and straighten your smile.

Aspen Dental exclusively offers Motto clear aligners to patients who are looking to get a great smile. With Motto, you can enjoy less waiting and more smiling. You can book today, walk in today, and start treatment today. Enjoy doctor-led care with your Aspen Dental smile advisors throughout your entire smile journey. Motto clear aligners can be financed or maybe be covered through your insurance.

How much are Motto clear aligners?

Motto clear aligners start at $1,895, and that includes your customized aligners, office visits, and the cost of the retainer that you wear after you complete treatment. Invisalign can end up costing you between $3,000-$8,000 depending on your specific case. DIY clear aligners that get mailed to you every few weeks can cost anywhere between $900-$2,500 depending on the complexity of the case. And with MottoAssured we promise you will love your new smile.

Invisible aligners vs braces

When it comes to choosing between clear aligners and clear braces, the answer is crystal clear. Clear braces feature tooth-colored or transparent ceramic brackets and wires, providing a discreet solution for teeth straightening. Unlike clear aligners, which are removable trays customized to your teeth, clear braces stay fixed throughout your treatment plan. Ultimately, clear aligners provide a more flexible solution over clear braces.

The Motto process is simple. At your first clear aligner visit, you meet your smile advisors, get scanned and leave with your personalized treatment plan. In a few weeks, you will receive your customized aligners that will shape your smile, while receiving doctor-led care. Lastly, after your treatment is complete you will receive your precision-fit retainer to keep your new smile in place.

Start your appointment today and book now at one of our many Aspen Dental locations. Your doctor will decide if using Motto clear aligners is right for you.