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Full dentures

Smile confidently again with hand-crafted traditional dentures. Learn what your denture experts recommend for you with our Smile Solutions quiz, or explore our four types of dentures to transform your smile below.

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Complete denture care

Transform your smile for one inclusive price with one of our leading denture packages.

A model of Comfilytes dentures, one of our most premium dentures, on a white background.


Our most premium solution comes with an industry-leading 7-year warranty and can be upgraded to implant dentures when you’re ready.

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A model of Naturalytes dentures, one of our best-value dentures, on a white background.


Hand-crafted for a smile that looks natural to you, this denture gives you a little bit of everything: a premium feel with a price that fits your budget.

A model of Classic dentures, one of the essential dentures, on a white background.


Our industry-standard denture, this tooth replacement solution comes with the essentials every denture-wearer needs for a timeless smile.

A model of Basic dentures, one of the most budget-friendly denture, on a white background.


The most budget-friendly pick in our line, this denture gets you back to smiling quick with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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Dental Insurance

Dental financing & insurance

We're dedicated to helping make sure your care is covered. With dental financing, a wide range of insurance partners and our Aspen Dental Savings Plan, learn the ways we make care affordable to you.

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Implants you can afford

Did you know there’s an implant solution that’s affordable for you? It’s true. Enjoy things like steak, apples and sweets again with our Securefit Comfilytes℠ implant denture that combines a traditional, easy-to-use denture with the security of dental implants

Are dentures for you?

Find out today. See what your denture experts recommend for you with our Smile Solution quiz, or learn what to expect with dentures with our patient resources.

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Full dentures FAQs

A removable prosthetic designed to replace a single arch or row of teeth, dentures can restore missing teeth—and so much more. They enhance the quality of your life by helping you get back to eating, speaking and smiling confidently.

With the ability to personalize your smile with Aspen Dental dentures, your local care team can expertly hand-crafted the option you choose to your mouth with a single arch denture or full mouth dentures. With our complete denture care, your smile will look better than ever before with a natural fit and feel you’ll love.

As a removable prosthetic that you take out daily, complete dentures work by fitting over your gums and simulating your natural teeth. By customizing your denture to match your natural gum color and tooth shade, dentures at Aspen Dental are designed to make you feel confident while functioning like real teeth for comfortable eating and speaking.

How long your dentures last depends on a few factors, including the durability of the materials used to make them and how well you care for them daily. Even with proper care, the ADA recommends getting a professional evaluation of your denture(s) for a replacement every 5 to 10 years.

To help your dentures last, explore our denture resources for daily care tips and more.

After your new denture is a comfortable part of your daily life, you can get back to enjoying most of the tasty meals and treats you enjoy the most, such as: ground meats, ripe fruits, soft cheeses and desserts. To keep your denture in the best shape, avoid tough or hard foods, such as tough meat, creamy spreads (nut butters), and chewy or sticky foods.

For more tips on eating with dentures, explore our denture resources.

Your Aspen Dental dentist recommends that your denture(s) be removed at night and soaked in a professional cleaning solution to keep your gums healthy. This also helps prevent inflammation, bacterial growth or any kind of fungal infection from forming in your mouth, such as Candidiasis, a type of fungal infection caused by a variant of yeast called Candida. For more cleaning tips, visit our cleaning guide.

If you experience any of the above, give your local care team a call to help address your symptoms.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth and currently use dentures, you could be eligible for dental implants or implant dentures. To learn if you’re a candidate, schedule a consultation to speak with an Aspen Dental expert dentist about your specific smile needs. Explore our dental implant solutions to learn more.

The cost for dentures at Aspen Dental start at $399. With four options for traditional dentures, we have denture solutions for every budget. How much you pay out of pocket depends on whether or not you have dental insurance, apply for financing or use the Aspen Dental Savings Plan to cover your care.

To learn more about pricing, schedule a consultation with your nearest Aspen Dental, or give them a call to learn more today.

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