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Our most durable dentures, crafted with the highest-grade materials for a precise fit. Available in a variety of different shades, so you can better match your natural smile. 

Crafted to stand up to a higher-than-average amount of wear and tear. We personalize the color and texture of the gums based on your mouth. 

Crafted to deliver a durability you can depend on for your everyday needs. 

Get durability, function and affordability all in one bite with our Basic option.

High-Grade Materials
Teeth Color Shade Options

:row*title*Teeth Color Shade Options

A variety of stain-resistant shades




Gum Personalization

:row*title*Gum Personalization

Contours to every curve of your gums so you can look and feel most like you.

Includes enhanced contouring for your gums

Includes contouring to resemble a natural look.

Crafted with a smooth, standard finish.

Gum Color Matching
SecureFit Implant-Supported-(Additional cost)


7 years

3 years

1 year

6 months

Money Back Guarantee
Annual Denture Cleaning ($65 value per arch)

*New (first-time) denture wearer package per arch. Does not include the cost of extractions.

**Replacement per arch.

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