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Available for walk-in visits

Denture repair services

If your dentures are over 5 years old, it’s probably time for an adjustment. Whether they’re broken or just need a bit of extra love, we’re only a walk-in visit away. 

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Fast, easy denture repair and reline services

Restore your smile today

We believe everyone deserves to love their smile. That’s why we offer convenient denture repair and reline services—so you can improve your fit and refresh your confidence.

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Walk-in denture repairs

Smile care when you need it most. Visit your local Aspen Dental today for immediate service.

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Denture repairs while you visit

When you need care fast, we offer same-day repairs. You’ll enjoy getting your smile back by the end of your visit.

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Available at an office near you

With more than 1,000+ locations, your nearest Aspen Dental is just a short drive away. Come see us today.

Same-day denture repairs with our onsite labs¹

We’re here to help strengthen your smile when you need it most. Our best-in-class technology will make the denture reline or repair process a smooth one, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again. Plus, walk-ins are always welcome to assist with any urgent denture repairs.  

¹Patients must arrive at least 2 hours prior to office closing to be eligible for a same-day repair. In rare circumstances, patients may be asked to reschedule a same-day repair visit due to staffing issues.

What to expect: your denture repair

We keep your smile stress-free with a simple process you can count on.

Walk in or book a visit

Consult your Denture Experts team

Have your denture repaired on site

Get your perfect fit

Save and smile

When do you need a denture repair or reline?

Sore spots or pressure

If you’re experiencing discomfort, this is a sign a part of your denture needs an adjustment. We’ll refine it so your smile feels natural again.

Hairline fractures

If you’ve noticed any cracks, it’s a sign your denture needs repair to prevent any issues later on with fit or durability.

Broken denture tooth

If one or more denture teeth has broken or come off, we’ll replace or reattach it. We’ll also re-evaluate your bite for the cause of the broken teeth to prevent further issues.

Types of Dentures at Aspen Dental

Compare denture solutions

Not sure if a denture repair is what you need? Explore your replacement options with denture packages designed for you and your budget. 

Upgrade and save $500 off Comfilytes dentures per arch.

Upgrade your smile

Enhance your smile by upgrading any denture package to a Comfilytes℠ package with $500 off. Get more and spend less when you select Comfilytes℠: receive an additional denture while healing, a 7-year warranty, more customizations and professional cleaning.

Explore Comfilytes℠ dentures

²Discount applies to select full dentures or implant prosthetics only and not to related dentistry services, if any. Partial dentures excluded from promotions. $500 off coupon applies to full arch Comfilytes℠ dentures or Securefit Comfilytes℠ implant dentures. Not valid for previous or ongoing work and cannot be combined with other discounts or dental discount programs. Discount taken off usual and customary fees and does not apply to services rendered by a specialist. Maximum discount is $1,000.

Denture repair FAQs

Is it time to repair your dentures? We’ve got answers to some common questions below.

A denture reline resurfaces the inner surface of your denture to improve the fit and comfort as your mouth naturally changes over time. A denture repair addresses anything such as chips, hair line fractures and other damages. Learn more about relining your dentures today.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your denture(s) every 5 years to maintain proper oral health. Explore your replacement denture options and get the solution that best suits your needs.

With every new denture, you’ll go through two steps: impressions and a bite registration. For Comfilytes℠ dentures, you’ll also complete a wax try-in and final insertion step to ensure your smile is exactly what you want. To learn more, visit our denture process page.

Taking great care of your dentures now means smiling longer. For our tips on keeping your dentures comfortable and giving them the care they need, visit our denture maintenance page.