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Dental implants cost

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How much do dental implants cost?

Implant solutions starting at $3,909¹

As the longest-lasting solution, and the ability to restore your smile from one tooth to all, there’s an implant option for you. Plus, we work with most insurance providers to make sure your care is covered. We do not accept medicaid.

¹$3,909 not including extractions.
An illustration of Implant dentures. The implant dentures are removeable premium snap-in denture, with the secure fit of permanent titanium implants, designed for a comfortable, stable fit with no adhesives.

Affordable implants? 
They exist.

Did you know there’s an affordable full-mouth implant solution? It’s true. Implant dentures give you the ease of traditional dentures without adhesives combined with the security of implants—all at one simple price.

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Cost of implants by type

Transform your smile for one inclusive price when you invest in your smile with implants.
An illustration of a single tooth dental implant showcasing a tooth and an implant as a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Single tooth implant

Help prevent long-term issues with this tooth replacement solution that lasts.

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An illustration of a dental implant bridge showcasing a dental bridge with implants on either side to replace partial dentures with long-lasting solution.

Implant bridge

Replace two or more adjacent teeth with our long-lasting bridge.

An illustration of a fixed full arch dental implants showcasing a fixed, full row of permanent teeth.

Full fixed arch

Second only to real teeth, these restore an entire row of teeth.

Affordable care in the long run

Dental implant treatments help you save money over time by avoiding costly treatments and trips to the doctor by encouraging improved overall health.

What affects the cost of implants?

From a single tooth to your entire smile, your dental implant cost depends on the type of implant you need. For a full mouth restoration you may need an implant denture or fixed full arch implant. Partial smile restorations may only need a single tooth implant or an implant bridge to replace two or more adjacent teeth.

Restoring your smile with implants requires a variety of materials that includes prosthetic teeth, titanium implants, connections depending on the package you choose.

Like every smile, no two dental implant journeys are exactly the same, and neither are treatment plans. Before you get your implants placed, we’ll examine your oral health at your consultation and determine if you need additional procedures like these that could add to your overall cost.

  • Tooth extraction: If a tooth or teeth are experiencing severe tooth decay or gum disease, we may recommend an extraction.

  • Periodontal cleaning: If needed, we’ll get your gums healthy again with periodontal cleaning so your smile is ready for implants.

  • Bone grafting: If your jaw doesn’t have enough tissue to support implants, your dentist will add bone material to your jaw so you new teeth stay strong and remain in place.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the initial cost of your treatment plan. While we don't accept Medicaid, we work with most dental insurance providers to ensure as much of your dental care is covered as possible—so the implants you need are within reach.

If you don’t have insurance, you can join our Aspen Dental Savings Plan for only $39 per year to save 20% off of your implant care plan.

At Aspen Dental, we’re dedicated to finding ways to make your payment options work for your life and budget. To help break down your costs into easy monthly payments, we’ve vetted numerous lenders to find who we believe are the best partners for our patients, all so that you can get great care from a team who will treat you well and financing from a lender who will treat you well, too. Through all of our third-party lender relationships, Aspen Dental patient applications are approved 9 out of 10 times.

So how much you spend on your care, depends on the solution you choose and what you feel is right for your budget.

A heart shaped graphic with arrows and the words Cover your care in the center, representing dental financing options available at Aspen Dental link:
Aspen Dental Savings Plan
Dental Financing and
Dental Insurance

Affordable implant care

We’re dedicated to helping make sure your care is covered. With dental financing, a wide range of insurance partners and our Aspen Dental Savings Plan, learn the ways we make care affordable to you.

Affordable implant cost FAQs

The cost of single dental implant starts at $3,909²
 The cost of dental implants can differ depending on the materials used. At Aspen Dental, we understand the importance of making dental implant treatment affordable for every patient. We prioritize competitive pricing so your customized smile solution stays affordable.​

²Price displayed is average price paid by Aspen Dental patients nationwide for selected implant. Price listed not including extractions

While the primary cost of a dental implant includes the implant, abutment, and crown, there may be additional expenses associated with pre-implant procedures like extractions, bone grafting or sinus lifts. It's essential to consult with your local Aspen Dental dentist to discuss potential supplementary costs based on your individual oral health needs. Schedule your first dental implants appointment.​

Yes, there are different types of dental implants, each catering to specific needs and preferences with varying costs. The options include implant-supported dentures, priced at an average of $6,800, offering a secure and customized solution. Implant-supported bridges, averaging $6,200, provide a durable option for multiple missing teeth, while single-tooth implants, at an average of $3,900, ensure a natural-looking and long-term solution to preserve oral health. These packages, encompassing prosthetic teeth, titanium implants, and connections and backed by our Peace of Mind Promise, offer comprehensive choices for a complete and confident smile restoration.​

The cost of dental implants reflects three key things: the cost of materials, the cost of procedures and care, and the long-term investment upfront.​

Unlike dentures, dental implants are a life-changing, long-term smile solution that, with proper home and preventative care, can last you 25 years or more. When you invest in implants, you’re investing in your life with a better smile that saves you money over time.​

Additionally, the process of dental implants takes between 3 to 6 months and includes multiple procedures based on the implants recommended to you. Combined with the higher quality materials we use to ensure your smile is securely implanted, the ultimate price skews higher initially.​

Dental implants are optimal for maintaining oral health by preserving jawbone strength, so while their upfront costs may be higher than alternative tooth-replacement solutions, they are your best solution for replacing teeth long-term. The cost of a full set of teeth implants may vary based on several factors, including additional procedures like extractions, bone grafts and the materials chosen. Aspen Dental prioritizes affordability and offers competitive pricing, ensuring personalized smile solutions are within reach. Schedule a consultation with our experienced clinicians for a detailed cost estimate on a full set of teeth implants tailored to your needs, and take the first step toward restoring your smile.​

At Aspen Dental, we always want you to feel confident about your care, which is why we help to make sure you’re covered. While warranties range, our implant denture is covered by a 7-year limited warranty and our Denture Money-back Guarantee. All other implant smile solutions are backed by our Peace of Mind Promise to keep you smiling.​

At Aspen Dental, we work with most dental insurance providers to make getting your care covered as easy as possible. While we do not accept Medicaid, to see which insurance providers are accepted by your local Aspen Dental office, visit their location page or give them a call at (800) 277-3633 today.

No insurance, no worries! Sign up for the Aspen Dental Savings Plan for $39 a year to get discounts on dental care—plus full exams & X-rays on us. ​

Absolutely, Aspen Dental offers financing options to make dental implants more accessible. With flexible financing options, individuals can comfortably manage the cost of dental implants. To ensure that you receive the dental care you need, we have partnered with a reliable third-party financing service. This service has approved 9 out of 10 applicants, making financing accessible to almost everyone. Learn more about our dental financing options.​

Affordable dental implant options in your area can be challenging, but at Aspen Dental, we prioritize accessibility and affordability. With over 1,000 convenient locations nationwide, our mission is to extend better dental care to a broader audience. The dedicated team at Aspen Dental is committed to working with you to identify the most suitable dental implant solution tailored to your specific needs and budget, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible approach to quality dental care. ​


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