Dental crowns to renew your smile

A dental crown fits over your natural tooth to restore its shape and functionality. Discover how a tooth crown can help your smile stay healthy and happy.

3 reasons to consider dental crowns

  1. Cosmetic solution : They conceal discolored or misshapen teeth.

  2. Protective solution : They prevent a weak tooth from breaking

  3. Finishing touch : They secure a dental bridge or cover a dental implant.

A dental crown that’s right for you

Crowns are made from a variety of materials, and depending on your health needs, your Aspen Dental dentist will choose one that fits your smile. Metal and porcelain-fused-with-metal crowns are the most durable, while ceramic, porcelain and resin crowns are as strong as they are natural-looking.

Placing a dental crown in 4 steps

You’ve decided that a dental crown is right for you—now, here’s what’s next

Your Aspen Dental care team will remove the outer portion of the tooth to prepare it for the crown.
They’ll take an impression or digital scan of your tooth.

Dental crowns are the crowning touch to your smile

A dental crown can give a damaged tooth a second life. Explore your options today with your Aspen Dental care team—and get fitted with a crown that completes your smile.

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