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Oral surgery for your health

Oral surgery is sometimes necessary to address specific dental health issues. Get to know some of the more common oral procedures and how your Aspen Dental care team can help you.

Meet your dental oral surgeons

Aspen Dental oral surgeons are highly trained, using the latest technology to treat a wide range of conditions. In the rare cases where we are unable to address your needs, we’ll help find a specialist who can resolve your dental issue—and you can get back to living your healthiest, happiest life.

Common oral surgery procedures

At some point , many of us will need oral surgery. Explore the most common procedures and what to expect during treatment.

Because our third molars are the last teeth to develop, they can impact the health of the surrounding teeth and gums if they are not removed.

Learn more about wisdom teeth

A popular solution to replace missing teeth. Your surgeon will insert a titanium rod in your jawbone that anchors to a dental crown.

Explore dental implants

If you do not have sufficient jawbone tissue to support an oral prosthetic (such as an implant), a bone graft procedure can help improve density.

Some cases are more complex than others. In times like these, your Aspen Dental care team is here to connect you with a specialist who can help you find the relief you need.

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What to expect when getting oral surgery

Every surgical procedure is unique, but aftercare generally includes:

  • Arranging for a mode of transportation from the office

  • No eating or drinking at least few hours after surgery

  • Abstaining from tobacco or alcohol during your recovery period

  • Avoiding strenuous activity in the days immediately following surgery

Our oral surgery promise
Getting you the care need is only the beginning.


Your Aspen Dental care team will work to ensure your comfort during your oral surgery procedure, including the use of numbing agents. Sedation may also be available. Talk with your oral surgeon about pain management options for your upcoming oral surgery.


Financing your care is easier than you think – in just 3 steps we can get you approved and start treatment the same day.


We’re there for you when you need us. If you’re experiencing an oral surgery emergency, we accept walk-ins or you can call us to schedule an appointment. Your Aspen Dental care team will discuss the advanced oral surgery options available for you.

Explore your oral surgery options today

Sometimes oral surgery procedures are necessary to help our smiles thrive. Every oral situation is unique. At Aspen Dental, we’ll walk you through every step of your process and keep you comfortable so you can be healthier (and happier).