Your cost for a tooth extraction

The cost of a tooth extraction varies based on personal health. Learn what affects tooth extraction prices and how Aspen Dental can help.

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What is the cost of a tooth extraction at Aspen Dental?

The full cost of a tooth extraction ranges between: $124-$642¹

¹Average price, including available discounts, across all markets.

Everyone’s oral health situation is unique, but here are few factors that could affect how much your tooth extraction costs:

The complexity of the tooth extraction procedure Removal of an impacted tooth or one that is only partially erupted will often cost more than removal of a decayed tooth. The size or shape of a tooth’s root as well as the tooth's position can also affect how difficult it is to remove.

The anesthesia used No matter what, you will be fully numbed with local anesthesia for all procedures. The cost will vary if your care plan includes sedation to make you more comfortable during the procedure.

The dentist extracting your tooth The cost of a tooth extraction varies based on who is performing the extraction; specialists will have a higher fee service from general dentists.

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We offer a range of pricing and financing options to fit your budget, with 4 out of 5 applications approved through third-party lenders.

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The cost of a tooth extraction is affordable

Having a tooth removed can provide relief for tooth pain and prevent more serious problems related to an untreated dental infection. Find out how Aspen Dental can provide you with the care you need at a price you can afford.

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