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Affordable dental implants for seniors 

Finding affordable dental implants for seniors is easier than you might think. Learn more in our latest blog!

The smile you desire can be within your reach within reach with dental implants. In this blog post, we're going to walk through everything you need to know about dental implants for seniors.  

One thing to note is that implants are a financial investment in your long-term health. At Aspen Dental, we now offer implant options that are affordable for you. In addition to single and full-mouth implants, we also offer implant dentures to fit your budget. To give you the best care for your dollar, we provide third-party financing options, insurance coverage options, great warranties, and our Aspen Dental Savings Plan.

An illustration of a dental implant with a tooth and an implant, showcasing a permanent solution for missing teeth.

An introduction to affordable dental implants 

So, what's the scoop on dental implants? They are essentially strong little posts, usually made from biocompatible titanium, that your dentist will anchor right into your jawbone. Allowing it to act as artificial tooth roots. Over time, they bond with your bone and create a sturdy foundation for the other pieces—the abutment (connector) and the dental crown, (tooth cap) or dental bridge that sits on top. 

If you’ve waved goodbye to a tooth (or even a few), dental implants could be your ticket back to a complete smile and your favorite foods. With them, you can chat away, savor every meal, and laugh without giving it a second thought. 

With proper care and maintenance, they can last over 25+ years. Dental implants can be a one-time investment in your smile resulting in peace of mind that pays off for a long time. They look and work just like your natural teeth. 

Pros and cons of dental implants for senior

Dental implants signal a revolution in restorative dentistry—particularly for senior patients. These long-term fixtures offer a stable base for artificial teeth, providing a seamless transition from natural teeth to a prosthetic solution that feels and functions similarly. 

The upsides of dental implants 

One significant advantage is that implants help preserve jawbone strength and facial structure. They're designed to last a lifetime¹, eliminating the need for frequent replacements or adjustments. This durability translates into enhanced comfort and the freedom to enjoy a variety of foods without the worry of dentures slipping out of place. 

¹Studies show that dental implants are likely to last at least 25 years with proper care and maintenance in most cases.

An elderly couple enjoying a meal together at a restaurant.

A sneak peek at your new smile with dental implants

Ready to sink your teeth into a juicy steak or crunch down on a crisp apple without a second thought? That's the kind of everyday magic dental implants bring to the table.

Imagine sitting down to a meal, no longer picking around the plate for the smallest and softest bites. You're going for the good stuff—the steak, the corn on the cob, the foods you thought you'd have to give up.  Dental implants don’t just offer a win for your smile, they're your pass to relishing every flavor life has to offer.

 An Aspen Dental dentist in a white coat walks with a patient after his treatment.

Things to consider about dental implants

It’s important for seniors to consider their overall health and bone volume before embarking on dental implant treatment. Certain medical conditions or medications could also affect the healing process.

Although dental implants have an initial investment, they pay off in the long run. They are our longest lasting smile solution—with the titanium implants lasting over 25+ years when you take good care of them. If you’re interested in getting implants but need a bit of financial assistance, not to worry. They may be covered by dental insurance, but it’s best to ask your provider about the specific details. Also, we offer third-party financing options and our renowned Aspen Dental Savings Plan. We’re in your corner, let us know if you need financial support and we’ll do everything we can do to get you the dental care you need.  

Another thing to consider is your eligibility for dental implants. Even if you're not an immediate candidate and need some additional procedures, we'll build the right team to provide you with successful long-term results. A preliminary treatment, like a dental bone graft, could make all the difference in providing your smile with a solid foundation for your dental implants. So even if your jawbone doesn't have sufficient material at first glance, we’re here to help get your smile implant-ready.      

Are dental implants for seniors the right solution? 

It's important to weigh the long-term benefits of dental implants against their unique health profile. For those in good general health, the merits are evident. Implants emulate natural teeth’s functionality, fostering jaw strength and preventing bone loss that’s often associated with aging. 

Moreover, the psychological boost that comes with a restored smile cannot be overstated. A vibrant smile can increase confidence and an enhanced social life, further demonstrating the value implants offer beyond their medical attributes. 

Affordable dental implants for seniors

At Aspen Dental, we work hard to demystify the costs associated with dental implants. Transparency and accessible dentistry are our mission, with the goal of offering great dental care available to everyone.  

Our commitment is to provide you with a clear understanding of the investment required for single-tooth solutions, as well as for full fixed arches. To discover the specific costs and the variety of implant solutions that Aspen Dental offers, check out our implant cost page

An elderly woman embraces a young boy, giving him a piggyback ride and receiving a loving kiss on her cheek.

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Here at Aspen Dental, we love seeing the difference a full, healthy smile can make in someone’s life. Every day we get to play a part in these smile transformations and watch our patients’ faces light up with joy as they experience a renewed smile. Our team of dental professionals is experienced in all things dental implants, and we’re here for you every step of the way.  

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