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An Aspen Dental implants patient smiles softly.

Your dental implant journey

Once you’ve accepted your treatment plan, what’s next? Take a deep dive into the procedures that may be included in your next steps so you’re prepared for what’s ahead.

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Dental implant process

Your treatment plan

Like every smile, no two implant journeys are exactly the same, and neither are treatment plans. While what we recommend for your treatment is based on your unique needs, explore the most commonly recommended procedures for getting your smile back.

Implant procedure pre-work

Before you get your implants placed, we’ll examine your oral health at your consultation. Depending on when you’re ready to get implants, one or more of these procedures may be in your plan to begin your journey.

Tooth extraction

Sometimes, preserving your natural teeth is no longer what’s best for your oral health. If a tooth or teeth are experiencing severe tooth decay or gum disease, we may recommend an extraction visit to prepare your mouth for implants.

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Periodontal cleaning

As you age, the chance of developing periodontal disease increases due to a variety of potential causes. The good news is your dentist or implant expert can get your gums healthy again with periodontal cleaning so your smile is ready for implants.

Bone grafting

After scanning your smile at your first implant visit, your jaw will be assessed to see if it has enough tissue to support implants. If it doesn’t, your dentist will add bone material to your jaw so your new teeth stay strong and remain in place.

Dental implant procedure

When your mouth is healed from any pre-work, or if you’re eligible for same-day placement, you’re ready for your final implant procedure: inserting dental implants.

Prep your mouth

Create an insertion

Place the implants

Take an impression

Head home with your smile

Your final smile

3 - 4 months after placement

After your jaw has healed for 3 to 4 months, you’ll be ready to finalize your smile. First we’ll take an impression of your healed mouth
so we can craft your prosthetic, a crown or denture, to be custom to you.

Then, once your new prosthetic is ready, we’ll have you come in to make sure everything fits and you love your new smile.

Preparing for treatment

What you need to know

Before any procedure, we recommend only consuming liquids or very soft foods, or fasting. For more tips on preparing for your procedures and healing after, explore our Getting Used to Implants resource.

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Dental implant procedure FAQs

Have more questions about your procedure? We’ve got you covered.
  • Single tooth implants - on average, less than an hour

  • Multiple implants - on average, up to 2 hours

The time it takes to place dental implants varies based on the number of implants you need. If you’re eligible, you can also get same-day placement if you need tooth extractions.

Your natural teeth have what’s known as a tooth root, and implants mimic them by being placed in your jaw. To ensure any new teeth are secure, we either attach them directly to your implant, or to a connector known as an abutment. This keeps your new teeth stable so they feel similar to your natural teeth and give you a higher chewing capacity than dentures. When working with your local team, your Implant Expert or oral surgeon will select an abutment based on aesthetics and your oral health needs.

Same-day implants are a preferred method for care. Treatments vary depending on your unique situation. Speak to your Implant expert about what they recommend for your oral health needs and if you need any pre-work procedures before your implant placement.

Your comfort is our top priority. We aim to keep you as comfortable as possible during your implant placement procedure. Before your procedure, your Implant expert or dentist will asses your situation and use anesthetics to minimize potential discomfort.

No. Our goal is to make sure you always have your smile, so while you wait for your custom crown or implant denture, you’ll be provided a healing cap or denture for home use. This ensure that you can smile, speak and eat naturally so your life is never on hold again.

Living with implants

Your new life awaits

Your new smile is in, so what’s next? Explore daily care tips for your implants so they’ll keep you speaking, eating and smiling happily for years to come.

Living with implants

Keep learning

Plan for your visit

Benefits of implants

Eating with implants

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