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The benefits of dental implants

You deserve to live life fearlessly, joyfully and entirely on your own terms—and dental implants can help you do it. Learn how implants are designed to keep up with your lifestyle so you can get back to being true to you.

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Get it all back with dental implants

Transform your life and be the best version of yourself with the preferred solution for tooth replacement.

An older couple smiles as they drive in a convertible.

Your confidence

Skip covering your mouth. Say goodbye to laughing behind your hand. Implants can help you rebuild your confidence so you can feel as good as you look.

A couple smiles as one gives the other a piggyback ride.

Your health

Implants function like natural teeth so you can properly chew your food, which means you can eat what you want, enjoy every single bite and get all of the nutrition you need.

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Your life

Smile for pictures, laugh out loud at a comedy show, proudly share insights at work and enjoy a full social calendar—with implants, your life is yours again.

Discover the advantages of dental implants

Enjoy your smile to the fullest with the advantages dental implants have to offer:

Supports facial structure

Stimulates your jawbone and helps prevent bone loss so your face stays true to you.

Boosts your health over time

Helps keep you healthy overall by preventing gum infections, which can lead to heart disease long-term.

Skips adhesives

Used to dentures and adhesives? With implants, you can kiss both goodbye for a smile that feels naturally like your own.

Supports nutritional health

By helping you chew correctly, implants support your ability to eat a wider variety of nutrients so your body can enjoy what you eat too.

Stabilizes your smile

Single and bridge implants support adjacent teeth so your smile doesn’t shift and your bite stays the same.

Keeps your teeth healthy

Single and bridge implants support adjacent teeth so your smile doesn’t shift and your bite stays the same.

Affording dental implants

Love the idea of living with implants? Discover how you can afford dental implants at an Aspen Dental near you.

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