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Our best tooth replacement solution

Single tooth dental implant

Restore your smile and your confidence with one solution: a natural-looking and feeling dental implant. Custom fit to you, single tooth implants function like real teeth with titanium implants and support the health of your remaining smile.

  • Supports the health of adjacent teeth

  • Looks and functions like your real teeth

  • Lasts up to 25 years+ with a 5-year warranty

  • Natural-feeling & non-removable

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Insurance & financing
An older couple enjoys ice cream as they walk together.

For when you want to savor every bite of life again

Experience life again one bite at time with a smile that gives you complete confidence. Single tooth implants replace individual missing teeth to restore your smile right the first time. Custom-crafted and designed for you, they make sure you enjoy every delicious moment life has to offer.

An Aspen Dental doctor examines implant dentures on a computer.

Included with your smile

Get in today and transform your smile with:

  • Precision imaging

  • Industry-leading titanium implants

  • Surgical guide, abutments & connections

  • 1 final implant crown


Your best smile starts here

We’re here for you. That’s why we provide end-to-end care you can trust, all under one roof.

Insurance coverage for dental implants

Your care is our top priority. That’s why we partner with most providers to get as much of your care covered as possible. Learn more.

Flexible dental implant financing

9 out of 10 financing applications are approved by our third-party lenders. making enjoying your new dental implants even easier. Learn more.

Dental implant expertise

Our nationwide network of doctors has cared for and transformed millions of smiles, so your smile is always backed by experts who care.


Hear from patients like you

Your story is why we’re here. Discover how our local teams keep patients like you smiling.
If you’re considering implants, do it. Owe it to yourself... it’s worth it. It’s a long-term solution. There’s less shifting. They don’t fall out of your mouth.
—Aspen Dental implant patientEvergreen Park, IL
The place is immaculate, the technology is state of the art, the options of treatment plans gives you an experience you didn’t see coming, and available financi...
—Marjorie O. Wyomissing, PA
[Implants] will allow me to have a stronger bite and a more enjoyable dining experience.
—Joel F.Bryant, AR

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