An Aspen Dental implants patient brushes their teeth in a mirror.

How to clean dental implants

Built to mimic your natural teeth, cleaning dental implants are very similar to taking care of your original smile. Get implant expert tips to help make your new smile last.


Cleaning fixed dental implants

Dental implants fit into your smile as naturally as your own teeth, and caring for them should be a part of your daily routine too.

Brushing & toothpaste

Brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, preferably after every meal. Just like your real teeth, you should brush as much of dental implant crown as possible.


To properly floss, use floss with shred-resistant stiff ends and a pliable middle. When flossing, carefully clean in between and around each implant. Avoid standard string floss as it can shred and cause infection.


If you’ve been recommended mouthwash, or it’s already a part of your daily routine, use mouthwash for extra fresh and clean breath.

Removing plaque

To remove any plaque or calculus build-up from implant surfaces, use a plaque-removing tool designed for gentle removal.

Cleaning implant dentures

If your new smile includes a removable implant denture, cleaning your smile will be different. Explore how to clean an implant denture with our denture cleaning resource.

Routine cleaning

At your local Aspen Dental

No matter the smile solution you’re enjoying, you should get it professionally cleaned every 3 to 6 months, depending on your oral health. At every visit, your Aspen Dental team will check the condition of your implant denture or fixed implants to ensure you’re healthy.

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