Restorative dentistry

Renewing your smile is our priority. From removable options like dentures to fixed selections like implants—we’re here to support you with restorative dentistry care so you can show off your strongest, healthiest smile.

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Dental restoration treatments

Dental restoration helps to lay a strong foundation for the health of your smile. Before jumping into extensive restorative care, we recommend you first talk with your dentist about completing any of the following necessary treatments: 

Dental cleaningPeriodontal disease treatmentTooth fillings
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When you should look into dental restoration procedures

When your smile needs attention, don’t delay. Timely intervention with restorative dentistry can prevent complications down the road. Talk to your dentist right away if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms: 

Root canal procedureTooth extractionVeneers
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Restorative dentistry procedures

At Aspen Dental, we provide a variety of restorative dentistry treatments to get your smile to a good place. The following care options help to replace any missing teeth, fill gaps in teeth, restore damaged teeth, and reinforce the strength of your existing teeth. 

DenturesDental implantsDental bridgesDental crowns

How dental restoration could benefit you

Dental restoration provides enhanced comfort, structure and functionality to your smile, while guarding against dental issues in the future. Boost your oral health with restorative care—ask your dentist which treatment is best for your smile.