Along with diligent brushing and flossing, twice-yearly dental exams are key to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Dental checkup costs should never be the reason someone puts off a visit, which is why Aspen Dental is dedicated to making all of our procedures affordable and accessible to every patient.

Your twice-annual dental checkup is not just an opportunity for a cleaning; it’s a chance to meet with your Aspen Dental care team to make decisions about your treatment plan—or to start one. Your dental exam is crucial to your oral health care journey in many ways, and Aspen Dental offers a range of payment options to ensure that you can always find room in your budget to see your dentist.

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what are dental checkup cost factors?

No matter what shape your dental exam may take, your Aspen Dental team will be with you every step of the way.  The full cost of a dental checkup depends on a number of factors, including location, whether or not your dentist charges separately for a cleaning, whether or not you need X-rays, and more:

  • medical history review
  • speaking with your dentist about any changes, concerns and oral health goals
  • location-related costs
  • oral exam, including cancer screening
  • x-rays
  • a new or updated oral healthcare treatment plan

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Aspen Dental is dedicated to providing affordable dental care, no matter what procedure you’re visiting for. A lack of dental insurance should not dictate dental care decisions and no procedure should be out of reach due to cost. This is why we offer several third-party financing options. And once your treatment plan is in place, you’ll have the Aspen Dental Peace of Mind Promise® in your corner—your costs will never change without you knowing about it first.

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