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Ready for a new fit?

If you’ve had your denture for 5 or more years, it may be time for a replacement. Explore options that’ll look and feel naturally you.

¹Starting price is based on a current denture wearer selecting a Basic single arch replacement denture. Price does not include relines. Offer must be presented at first visit. Offer expires 12/31/23.
Services that’ll make you smile

Replacements, repairs or new dentures—we cover all your denture needs under one roof.

Denture repairs & relines

Make your smile feel new again with fast in-office repairs and relines

Affordable replacements

Onsite labs make replacing your current denture quick and affordable.

Walk-ins available near you

Need to see us today? Come on in. We’re on your corner when you need us.

Custom-crafted smiles

Compare your options to see which denture is best for you.

Same-day repairs²

In-office repairs means fewer office visits, faster turnaround times and denture pricing you can afford. Start today, save today.

²Patients must arrive at least two hours prior to office closing to be eligible for a same-day repair. In rare circumstances, patient may be asked to reschedule a same-day repair due to staffing issues.​

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Affordable dentures, easy financing

Everyone deserves to love their smile. With simple financing and our worry-free warranties, we make it happen.

Our process

From impressions and wax try-ins to the day your denture is ready, our unique process ensures you’re never without your smile.

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Denture services near you

Here at Aspen Dental, doing anything to make you smile means providing a variety of denture services to support patients like you. A few of our care options include denture repairs and relines and affordable dentures crafted in our on-site labs.

Let’s take a look at what each of these services entail.

  • Repairs: Our Aspen Dental care teams are skilled at repairing broken or damaged dentures. One of our dental professionals will perform a denture assessment, make any necessary adjustments or replacements, and get them back to you at industry-leading speeds. At many of our Aspen Dental offices, we even offer same-day denture repair services to help you regain your smile.

  • Relines: If your dentures are feeling uncomfortable or no longer fit quite right, it may be time for relining. During the denture relining process, an Aspen Dental smile technician adjusts the fit of your dentures to best fit your gums and jawbone. Relining is best if your dentures have become worn over time to ensure that your dentures remain as comfortable as possible. Stay smiling with a simple relining service.

  • Affordability: At Aspen Dental, we strive to make denture services accessible and affordable for all our patients. To best serve your financial needs, Aspen Dental provides a range of financing options. From flexible payment solutions to insurance coverage options, we’re committed to helping patients like you navigate the cost of denture care. Additionally, Aspen Dental works with most insurance providers and our care professionals are happy to walk through your options to help you make the most of your benefits.

Aspen Dental proudly offers exceptional denture services to keep our patients healthy and smiling. From repairs to relines, we’re capable of providing you with the affordable denture services you deserve. And with an office on every corner, Aspen Dental is here when you’re needing denture services near you.