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Simplifying the denture process

Learn how your dentures are created and what you can expect wearing them every day, for the best experience from start to finish.

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Dentures onsite lab

Using the latest denture tech, our denture experts will precision craft you a comfortable natural-looking smile, right in our state-of-the-art in-office labs. The team works hand in hand to bring you faster service with fewer office visits for the best possible treatment experience.

Preparing for dentures in four simple steps

Every patient’s journey is different. Here are the key steps to remember.

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1. Impressions

To start the process, your Doctor makes a model of your mouth. This may involve pre-sized trays, or for replacement full dentures, the doctor may choose your existing dentures as a custom fitted tray.

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2. Bite registration

The Doctor will ask you to bite into wax blocks and take measurements so that your new teeth are placed correctly in the denture. This makes certain your jaw will function as it always has with your new teeth.

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3. Wax try-in

This is a preview of your new teeth set in wax, before final processing of your denture. Your Doctor will ensure the proper function of the denture, and together you will check that the size, shape, and position of the teeth look natural to you.

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4. Insert

If extractions are needed, a complete or partial denture will be placed in your mouth the same day your natural teeth are removed.

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An Aspen Dental doctor walks with a patient.

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