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Relining dentures for a better fit

Is the fit of your denture feeling a little off? A denture reline restores comfort and fit. And with the convenience of our on-site labs, we can help you feel better, faster.

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Denture Reline: your questions answered

If you have a denture that doesn’t fit quite as well as it used to, a denture reline can make it feel just right. You may have heard about the process before, but are still a bit unsure about the details. Your Aspen Dental care team is here to answer all your questions—and help you get back to the feel of your most natural, comfortable smile.

A denture reline is a resurfacing of the side of your denture that touches the soft tissue. Relining a denture can help improve its fit and comfort.

Over time, your dentures can wear down or your gums can change shape. Poor-fitting dentures are not only uncomfortable, they can lead to problems like sores and infections, and make eating and talking difficult.

You may need your dentures relined every few years, but it varies how well you take care of them can affect the need to reline dentures. So remember to practice good care habits:

  • Brush your gums, tongue and roof of your mouth at least twice a day to get rid of any food

  • Clean your dentures daily with a denture brush and gentle cleaner, never with a toothbrush or toothpaste which can be abrasive and damage your dentures

  • Never place dentures in hot water, which can cause them to warp

  • Avoid excessive wear by taking your dentures out at night to give your gums a rest

  • Keep your dentures in water when not wearing them so they don’t dry out and lose their shape

  • Remember to brush and floss any remaining teeth you have

Your dental provider can determine at your annual visit if you need your dentures relined. But make an appointment sooner if you notice one of these signs:

  • Your dentures are beginning to feel loose

  • You notice cracks, chips or other damage

  • You’re finding it difficult to chew

  • You experience a sore spot or infection

Full dentures will need more frequent relining than partial dentures. No matter what type of dentures you wear, though, it’s still a good idea to have their fit checked annually by your dental provider.

Convenient denture relines, right in our labs

A denture reline may involve a quick adjustment or a new impression to ensure a proper fit. But with the convenience of our on-site labs, we can refine your dentures right on site, so you can get in, get out and get smiling, faster.

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Hard denture reline

In this process, the hard plastic on your denture is replaced with a hard, durable material to provide a secure fit. Your care team can complete a hard denture reline right in your office's on-site lab.

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Soft denture reline

A soft reline is for sensitive gums. This process is usually performed in-office with a softer material for a more comfortable fit.

How much does a reline for dentures cost?

The cost will vary depending on the type of denture and the amount of repair or adjustment needed. At Aspen Dental, our team works hard to make that care affordable by offering:
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Denture Warranties

Our denture warranty holds us accountable for any cracks, fractures, breaks or tooth loss cause by a flaw in craftsmanship.

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Money-back guarantee

We’re happy when you’re happy. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your dentures, we’ll make it right or give you your money back.²

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Insurance and Financing

We offer a range of pricing and financing options to fit your budget. In fact, 4 out of 5 applicants are approved through our third-party lenders.

Relining dentures is easy with your Denture Experts

If you’re living with loose dentures or experiencing a sore spot, a denture reline can make your dentures feel comfortable and secure again. Protect your dental investment—and your mouth—with a denture reline from Aspen Dental. Your team of experts will be with you from start to finish .

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