Denture repair
and denture reline 

Your dentures support you. We support your dentures.
Choose Aspen Dental when you need a denture repair
or denture reline so you can keep enjoying all of
life’s smile-worthy moments. 

Is it time for a denture repair? 

Even the most durable dentures need adjusting from time to time. As the years go by, your dentures can get worn out or crack. Your gums can also change shape. Both will affect how well your dentures fit — and poorly fitting dentures can cause infections, sores and other related issues. But we can help prevent all of that. 

view denture repair pricing at your local office.

There is a dentist in the house 

Every Aspen Dental office has an onsite dentist who works with an onsite denture lab, meaning your denture repair services can be completed in days, not weeks. Get your great-looking, great-fitting smile back fast. 

dentures in days not weeks

Unlike with other denture providers, you'll get your new dentures in days, not weeks*. Because the denture lab is on site, your dentist and denture technician can partner together to deliver the best fit for you.

*Some limitations may apply. See provider for details.