Dental issues

Whether it’s tooth pain, redness or swelling, identifying a dental issue early can help you get your smile back on track, fast.

Explore some of the most common dental issues that affect millions of us every day. Is one of these affecting you? 
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Let’s talk about teeth

Did you know that teeth are the hardest substance in the human body? And unlike bone, they don’t grow back when we lose them—which makes caring for them so important.

Understanding the issues that affect our teeth will help us address them sooner. Discover what you need to know below.

Tooth decayCavities 
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Go all in on gum health

Should you floss before you brush or brush before you floss? It actually doesn’t matter—as long as you do it thoroughly, of course.

Gum health is just as important as tooth health. A daily flossing routine can keep them in top shape while preventing some of these common gum issues. Discover more below.

Gum diseaseGingivitis  Periodontal disease Receding gums
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Make it matter for your mouth 

A healthy mouth is not only a sign of good overall health—it helps us enjoy the taste of our food and live confidently.

Unfortunately, common mouth issues can arise at any time, so it’s important to know the signs. Discover more below.

Dry mouthMouth sores & spotsTMJ disorderOral cancer
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What’s that pain?

From sleepless nights to endless headaches, tooth and mouth pain can disrupt your daily life. The sooner you can treat the pain, the less of an impact it may have on your overall oral health.

Let’s explore the different types of dental pain you may experience and answer your questions around fears that may be involved in certain procedures.

Toothaches Wisdom teeth pain Do root canals hurt?

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