An Aspen Dental doctor consults with a patient.

Your first dental implant visit

Starting your implant journey is a big deal. That’s why we’re with you at every step, including your first visit. We’re here to support you and answer your questions, so you stay confident on your path to a better smile.

Taking the first step

You’ve got this—and we’ve got you. Together, we’ll create the best treatment plan for your future smile. Let’s go.

Get a new patient consultation

At the beginning of your visit, we’ll complete a full new patient examination to assess your overall oral health. We’ll get to know you and your dental history so you can get your best smile yet.

Scan your smile

After your evaluation, we’ll take comprehensive imaging of your smile to assess if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. First, we’ll use a CBCT scan to examine the health of your jawbone. Next, we’ll take a precise intraoral scan that takes a 3D image of your mouth. Then your implant expert will review their recommendation with you.

Create your treatment plan

Once your evaluation and imaging is complete, we’ll walk you through the best options for your health and smile to create a treatment plan together. After, you can accept treatment to begin next steps, or review treatment plan costs. We aim to make your care affordable, and make applying for financing easy.


Treatment, accepted!

But, what’s next?

If you’ve received a treatment plan but you’re not sure what happens next, good news—we can help. Explore what you may experience on your implant journey with a deep dive into the procedures commonly recommended for implant patients.


The experts dedicated
to your smile

Our specialists help patients like you regain their smile and their confidence every day with leading care all under one roof. Across 1,000+ offices, our robust network of experts provide end-to-end treatment under one roof so you can trust in your care and afford it.

Let’s get started—together

Our implant experts are dedicated to helping you create a smile you’ll love to get back to the confidence you deserve. If you’re ready for the next step, so are we. Let’s get started.

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