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An Aspen Dental doctor speaks with a patient.

When to get dentures

If you’re wondering, “When should I get dentures?” you’re in the right place. Navigate your decision with our Denture Experts as you decide if dentures are the next step for you.

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Dentures improve your favorite, food, events, smiling, and confidence.

How do you know if you need dentures?

That scrumptious bite of food, that uninhibited smile—if you’re skipping the joys of life due to missing teeth, a customized denture treatment plan can help you enjoy them all again.

Missing your favorite foods

If you can’t eat your favorite foods due to swollen or bleeding gums from gum disease, or pain while chewing from tooth damage or advanced tooth decay, it’s time to make a change. If this is you, extraction(s) may be need and dentures can bring new life to your smile.

Skipping social events

When you experience long- or short-term discomfort or pain, enjoying time with loved ones can be hard. Skip staying at home with the confidence a partial or full denture can give you.

Smiling with confidence

We can all have moments of feeling self-conscious about our smile, especially when dealing with tooth loss. Get back to smiling confidently by restoring your smile with a custom

A story like your own

Not sure if dentures are the right solution for you? 
Hear from Garry, a patient like you, who experienced a second chance at living life his way again because of dentures.

A photo of Aspen Dental patient, Garry, with his dog.

Starting the journey

Garry was struggling with his smile. After experiencing a major medical event that required intense medication, he noticed issues with his teeth that led to frequent pain and a big need to recover his smile.

Garry smiles and speaks with an Aspen Dental employee.

Planning together

After exploring his options, he visited his local Aspen Dental team of experts to learn what’s possible for his smile. Together, they crafted an affordable plan that would help him regain his smile long-term.

A tray of Aspen Dental dentures.

Transforming his smile

So he wouldn’t have to hide his smile anymore, Garry chose to transform the upper arch of his teeth with dentures. He even customized them with tooth and gums shades that looked as natural as his own.

Garry poses for a photo while wearing sunglasses.

Smile again. Live again.

After transforming his smile, Garry has taken back his life. No longer hiding his smile behind his hands, Garry lives confidently with a smile he can be proud of.

Aspen Dental doctors speak as they pass a pair of dentures to each other.

Is it time to get dentures?

As experts dedicated to our patients for over 25 years, we’ve guided millions of Americans on their journey to a happier smile. Get started with your journey by learning more about your first visit today.

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Discover your options

Choosing what’s best for your smile is an important decision. Before you make your final choice, explore the types of dentures available for your smile,
or take our denture quiz to see what’s recommended for you.

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