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Smiling mature couple kayaking, promoting active lifestyle after dental implants.

When to get dental implants

Our teeth help us live life to the fullest—and now, dental implants can help you too. If you’re ready to get back to enjoying the moments that matter, implants could be the right solution for you.

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What's holding you back?

Are missing teeth or an ill-fitting denture making you miss out on life? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to make a change.

Black and white photo of a senior man sitting and eating with a spoon and bowl of food.

You fear eating in public

Dining out with friends leaves you anxious. Will your teeth fall out mid-bite? Will they move out of place? You even take your meals home and eat alone to avoid embarrassment.

 Black and white photo of closeup of a senior person's hands covering their mouth.

You cover your mouth

You can’t laugh without putting your hand in front of your face because you fear your dentures may fall out. Or others may see your missing or compromised tooth. 

Black and white photo of a senior man grimacing from oral pain.

You hide the pain

You constantly battle sore spots from ill-fitting dentures. Often, the pain and sensitivity of a damaged tooth prevents you from enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or iced drinks. 

Black and white image of a contemplative senior woman gazing into the distance.

You live in silence

You skip making a celebratory toast, presenting during a client meeting or singing your heart out with friends—all out of fear of losing your denture or revealing a missing one. 


Rediscover your life with dental implants

Now your best long-term solution for missing teeth is possible for you.

 Senior man biting into a cheeseburger.

Taste life to the fullest

Rediscover the joy of enjoying meals (and flavors!). Dental implants not only allow you to eat foods like burgers, corn and flaky breads—you can also taste them again without the barrier of a denture.

Group of senior women laughing and enjoying a break during a workout session.

Express your true self

Skip worrying about embarrassing slip ups. All implants are surgically placed in your mouth and anchor your denture or tooth without the unpredictability of gels or adhesives.

Happy senior couple sharing ice cream cones on a sunny day.

Get the relief you need

Say goodbye to denture pain and tooth sensitivities caused by hot drinks or cold foods. Your dental implants help you get back to living both comfortably and joyfully.

Confident and smiling senior male teacher engaging with young students in a classroom setting.

Live with confidence

Finally, it’s your moment to say, “I’ve got this.” Implants help you put your best face forward so you can reclaim more than your missing teeth. You can reclaim your life.

Nellie rediscovered her life. You can too.

The day Nellie E. received her permanent implant denture from her local Aspen Dental office the day she “felt like I was a whole new person.”

Follow Nellie’s journey to getting back to the life she loves—family, food and feeling like her best self again.

It's never too late to get implants

Your best life is out there

Don’t delay, discover how implants are possible for you too. You deserve to live without fear, shame or the pain of missing teeth. Schedule an appointment with your local Aspen Dental implant team today and see if you qualify.

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Explore types of implants

Choosing what’s best for your smile is an important decision. Before you make your final choice, explore the types of dental implants available to you.

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