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Motto® clear aligners are designed for best-in-class accuracy, comfort and convenience—with 25+ years of experience and a nationwide team of specialists devoted to your dream smile.

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Not all aligners are created equal. At Aspen Dental, we designed Motto aligners to move teeth more comfortably and precisely. It starts with smarter materials. Learn how our flexible yet durable clear aligners deliver better results.

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Motto was scientifically designed to move teeth more efficiently and naturally.

Our aligners appear invisible and stay invisible.

How Motto clear aligners technology works

How Motto clear aligner technology delivers

As the most advanced, dual-activated clear aligners, Motto features next generation technology that flexes with your teeth’s natural movement while maintaining consistent pressure over time.

Patients are raving about Motto

“My Motto aligners were so comfortable and convenient to switch out. They were in plastic wrappers with a number on it so I knew which one was next, they made the process easier than imagined.”
—Chandrika K.Brookfield, WI
“Motto was so easy and my aligners were super comfortable and I’m thrilled with how perfect my smile is in such a short time!”
—Debbie G. Chicago, IL
“It was very simple, and no one could tell I was wearing them, and sometime neither could I with how they fit!”
—Jaime S Salisbury, MD
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Straighter smiles are healthier smiles

When your teeth and bite aren’t aligned, it can cause a variety of health concerns, not to mention expensive dental work. Bacteria tend to hide better in crooked teeth, which can lead to bad breath, cavities, gum disease and more. A bad bite can also cause premature wear and tear like cracking and chipping. Motto aligners helps your teeth and bite fit just right.

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With more than 1,600 dentists and 1,100 nationwide offices, Aspen Dental has spent 25+ years perfecting the art and science of healthy smiles. Our team of dentists, surgeons and specialists are here to treat your whole smile—all under one roof—including Dr. Payem Attai, an award-winning leader in clear aligner treatment and technology.

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Motto technology FAQs

Motto next-generation technology features a flexible inner shell and two durable outer shells. This design allows the aligners to flex with your teeth's natural movement while maintaining consistent pressure for efficient teeth straightening.

Motto clear aligners are designed with a revolutionary 3-layer material that generates 150% better teeth movement force over a 10-day wear period compared to other aligners³. The dual-shell technology includes two complex outer layers that hug your teeth to maintain optimal positioning, while the elastomeric middle layer increases tooth force throughout the entire wear cycle. This innovative design ensures more efficient teeth straightening with less discomfort, making Motto aligners a quality choice for orthodontic treatment.

³Based on third party analysis of clear aligner options.

Motto clear aligners feature next generation technology, combining durability with flexibility to deliver consistent force throughout the treatment. Unlike other aligners that can weaken over time⁴, Motto aligners maintain the same force, ensuring effective teeth movement until the treatment is complete. Additionally, the smooth, scalloped edges of the aligners match your gumline, reducing irritation, so you can speak comfortably and naturally.

⁴Based on third party analysis of clear aligner options.

Motto aligners reduce initial discomfort by generating 40% less force at insertion than earlier-generation materials⁵ and other aligner brands. The middle elastomeric layer of the aligner material flexes to increase tooth force over the patient's entire wear cycle, minimizing discomfort when first inserted. This advanced design provides a more comfortable teeth straightening experience while maintaining effective teeth movement throughout treatment.

⁵Based on third party analysis of clear aligner options.

Motto clear aligners provide 150% better teeth movement force over a 10-day wear period than competing materials⁶ like Invisalign. The dual-shell design ensures optimal positioning and protects against impact and teeth grinding, enhancing overall effectiveness.

⁶Based on third party analysis of clear aligner options.

Yes, Motto clear aligners are made from medical-grade plastic that is 87% less likely to stain compared to competitors⁷. This means they stay clear longer, even with exposure to staining foods and liquids, and do not develop odors.

⁷Based on third party analysis of clear aligner options.

¹If patient chooses 60 month financing; Subject to financing approval.

²The average duration of a Motto treatment plan is 5.4 months. Results may vary. The mean treatment time with conventional braces is 19.9 months, according to data on file.