When to Get Dentures

If you’re considering dentures, you likely have a lot of questions. How do they work? What do they feel like? What are my options? Remember that you can always talk with your Aspen Dental team about your questions and concerns—you have their support every step of the way.

Are dentures right for you?

Your dentist will recommend when to get dentures and can discuss the range of denture options your Aspen Dental practice offers.

  • Schedule an appointment with your Aspen Dental practice or contact your dentist to discuss any denture questions you have.

The denture-fitting process 

Knowing what the denture process entails may help you feel more confident about your transition to dentures. Learn about the process here. 

Dentists at Aspen Dental practices recommend replacing your dentures every 5-7 years. Dentures can wear down, stain, and lose their shape, and may become less comfortable over time as the size and shape of your mouth changes. See your Aspen Dental practice if: 

  • Your current dentures are uncomfortable
  • You find yourself using more and more denture adhesives

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