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Clear Aligners: Teeth Aligner Treatment

Straighten your teeth with Motto clear aligners. Say goodbye to traditional braces and hello to a confident smile.

Bid farewell to traditional braces and welcome the discreetness and convenience of clear aligners. Clear aligner treatment is an amazing and effective teeth straightening option, boosting both your confidence and oral health, all while helping you achieve a straighter smile effortlessly. Here's what to expect from your Motto clear aligners treatment.

How much do clear aligners cost?

Having a smile you’re proud of shouldn’t cost an arm, leg or a tooth. Motto clear aligners are 50% less than Invisalign¹ and come with a whole team of pros to help you every step of the way.

A hand holding Motto Clear aligners in a case with words "How does treatment work?"

How does clear aligner treatment work?

With clear aligners, you are given a set of trays that are specific to the shape of your teeth. Every so often you change out your trays as they gradually shift and guide your teeth to their ideal position. On average, treatment can take 6-24 months with clear aligners.

Motto treatment plans were created with you in mind. It all starts with a visit to your local Aspen Dental, and here’s what you can expect:

A Motto doctor smiling and holding clear aligners while he consults with a patient.

1. Dental consultation

Your dentist will take a scan of your mouth and walk you through your treatment plan options, including an estimate of how long your treatment may take. If you’re good to go with that, you’ll walk out with your custom-fitted starter tray to help train your teeth for everyday aligner-wear.

2. Fitting

Once your custom aligner trays are ready (usually within 3-4 weeks), we’ll make sure they're sitting right.  

3. Adjustments

We keep looking out for you with MottoAssured™. If you don’t love your new smile after your treatment is complete, we’ll keep working with you to get you where you need to be. 

How long does clear aligner treatment take?

Treatment time can vary depending on the condition and diagnosis of your teeth. With Motto clear aligners, our average treatment time is less than 6 months.²

Illustration of different types of conditions clear aligners can treat: 
crooked teeth
crowded teeth
gaps between teeth, and 
mild to moderate bite issues.

Types of conditions clear aligners can treat

There are many conditions that clear aligners can treat, including some of the most common below. Your Aspen Dental doctor can help diagnose the complexity of your case during your free consult.

Crooked teeth

All of the conditions listed below classify as crooked teeth or malocclusions—when teeth are misaligned in some way.

Gaps between teeth

Also known as diastema, gaps in your teeth can occur anywhere and at any age.

Overbites or underbites

Underbites occur when your lower front teeth are more forward than your upper front teeth, while an overbite is an overlapping of your front teeth and jaw.

Open bite

Open bites occur when the front teeth do not overlap the lower teeth. 

Crowded teeth

This occurs when the teeth do not have enough space to grow. As a result, they grow in unnatural positions.

What can I expect with Motto clear aligners?

You can expect your Aspen Dental doctor to be there with you every step of the way, from your perfect fit to your perfect smile.

Your perfect fit

Motto clear aligners are laser-trimmed for a comfy fit.

Experienced dental consultation

Your doctor visits are included in your treatment plan pricing.

Regular adjustments and maintenance

We will check your progress and answer any questions you may have. You can even do some of your check-ins virtually.

Your perfect smile

Mission accomplished. It’s time to show off that smile.

A woman patient standing in front of a mirror in the Motto office and placing clear aligners on her teeth.

How to start clear aligner treatment

Starting clear aligner treatment is a straightforward process that begins with a consultation with an orthodontist or dentist. They will assess your teeth and create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve a straighter smile. Book your free consultation today to get started on your straighter smile journey.

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¹If patient selects MottoEssential package. The average price of Invisalign is about $5,040 and the average cost of braces is about $5000.
²Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.