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Can invisible aligners fix an overbite?

Discover how invisible aligners correct overbites, their benefits over braces, and if they suit your orthodontic needs.

Overbites, also known as malocclusions, occur when the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower teeth. Invisible aligners are often considered an effective solution for people experiencing overbites. Not only can invisible aligners address overbites, but they can also help with other bite issues. While braces have been the go-to option for years, invisible overbite aligners now offer a viable alternative, appealing to those seeking to correct overbites for cosmetic reasons and the alleviation of dental discomfort.

What causes an overbite?

An overbite can stem from multiple factors, such as thumb sucking during childhood, pacifier use, tongue thrusting, genetic predisposition or developmental issues. It can have detrimental effects on oral health, including tooth damage, gum problems, jaw misalignment and speech difficulties. Untreated overbites pose potential risks that extend beyond mere aesthetics.

A woman putting on her invisible aligners to correct her overbite.

How does an invisible aligner fix an overbite?

Invisible aligners address overbites by gradually shifting the teeth and helping realign the jaw. Specifically designed for mild to moderate overbites, clear aligners apply gentle pressure on the teeth, which gradually helps guide them into the proper position, correcting the overbite and improving the overall bite alignment.   

Do invisible aligners fix all overbites?  

While invisible aligners can successfully correct mild to moderate overbites, they may not be the ideal solution for severe overbites as they may require more intensive orthodontic correction. In such cases, a consultation with an orthodontist is recommended to determine the most suitable treatment options for achieving optimal results. Motto™ also has answers for all your questions about clear aligners.

Benefits of invisible aligners vs. overbite correction:
More discreet than braces
Can be removed
Comfortable and easy to clean

Benefits of invisible aligners vs overbite correction

Clear aligners offer several advantages over traditional dental work when it comes to correcting mild or moderate overbites. Let's explore some of the key benefits they provide. 

Invisible aligners are more discreet than braces for overbite 

One significant advantage of clear aligners is their nearly invisible appearance compared to traditional braces. Made from transparent plastic materials, invisible aligners for overbite are discreet and match the natural color of your teeth. This aesthetic may appeal to individuals who prefer a more subtle orthodontic treatment. Unlike braces, which consist of metal brackets and noticeable wires, invisible aligners allow you to maintain a confident smile throughout the treatment process. 

Invisible aligners can be removed 

One of the practical benefits of clear aligners is their removability. Unlike permanent solutions like braces, aligners can be easily removed when necessary. This feature offers greater flexibility in daily activities such as eating, drinking and oral hygiene. Overbite aligners can be temporarily removed, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions. Moreover, removing aligners during brushing and flossing allows for more effective oral hygiene, reducing the risk of dental issues arising from inadequate cleaning. 

Invisible aligners may be more comfortable and easier to clean 

Invisible aligners for overbite are usually more comfortable to wear than metal braces. The smooth plastic material of aligners eliminates the potential for gum and cheek irritation often associated with braces' metal components. Additionally, aligners exert gentle, continuous pressure on the teeth, minimizing discomfort while still achieving effective tooth movement.

 A man wearing sunglasses smiles as he holds his invisible aligners in right hand and Motto clear aligners case in the left one.

Write your overbite before and after story with invisible aligners from Motto™ today 

Motto™ clean aligners offer an effective solution for correcting overbites. With their custom-designed clear overbite aligners, Motto™ provides a convenient and discreet option to align your teeth and improve your bite. Learn how clear aligners work and start your journey towards a more aligned smile today!