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A TAG OCC training classroom.

TAG Oral Care Center for Excellence

A First of its Kind

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3,800 Clinicians

1,800 Team Members

8MM Patients Served

950+ Number of Offices

144 New Locations Opened in 2021

43 Offices in 43 States

What is the TAG Oral Care Center for Excellence

A first-of-its-kind facility providing cutting-edge, comprehensive real-time experiences to clinicians and their teams – fostering individual growth and development that extends far beyond standard teaching measures.

New 25,000 sq. ft. clinic with 16 dental care rooms

Serves as a global center of excellence for continuing dental education

Provide comprehensive quality care to those in need, including veterans and other underserved populations

Exclusive Access to Clinicians and Patients

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Estimated number of doctors trained at the Oral Care Center for Excellence per year providing the highest quality of care

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Estimated number of qualified patients receiving free care per year across a wide variety of services

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With your support we can continue our mission: to do anything it takes to help more people smile. For more details please contact Thank you for your consideration.

1040 W Randolph, Chicago IL 60607

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