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Most premium partial

Flexilytes Combo℠ denture

Our most premium partial denture that gives you the “best of both worlds”, the Flexilytes Combo features a metal framework for optimal stability with natural-looking materials to match the look of your gums.

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  • 3 tooth shades & 3 gum shades for customization

  • Lightweight & natural-looking with added stability

  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

  • Love your smile or your money back with our Money-Back Guarantee¹

  • Average cost: $1,895²

Insurance & financing

¹The Denture Money-Back Guarantee applies to all full and partial dentures and covers the cost of the permanent denture(s) only. Additional adjustments may be offered prior to refund. The guarantee period begins upon insert of final denture or hard reline and refund request must be submitted within 90 days thereafter. Denture(s) must be returned within 90 days after refund request date.

²Average cost is based on a Flexilytes Combo partial denture and is available to new and existing denture wearers. Price displayed is average price paid nationwide for selected denture including all available discounts. Starting at price range is $1,151 to $3,021 based on geographic market. Additional charges for relines and other required dentistry services. For location specific pricing information, click here.

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For when you want a smile as genuine as you

Let the best version of yourself shine with the true-to-you Flexilytes Combo partial denture. Natural gum shades and uniquely crafted teeth combine to give you a genuine look feel so you can eat, speak and laugh confidently and feel right at home in your smile again. 

A denture model, denture storage case, toothbrush and toothpaste laid on a blue table representing a package included for new denture-wearer for Flexilytes℠ partial dentures.

Included with your smile

When you transform your smile with Aspen Dental, you get:

  • 1 same-day denture

  • 1 custom Flexilytes Combo denture

  • Adjustments while healing

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Your Denture Experts

We’re here for you. That’s why we provide end-to-end care you can trust, all under one roof.

Onsite labs

With technicians onsite, we’re able to craft what you need, when you need it, so you never have to wait for your smile.

Custom smiles

Crafted to your unique smile, you get the best fit and most realistic-looking denture so you can love your smile again.

Proven expertise

For 25+ years, our nationwide network of doctors has cared for and transformed millions of smiles.

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Are implants for you?

In short, yes! As the next best thing to natural teeth, we’re dedicated to making this option affordable for you so you can get the best for your smile.

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Get 25% off Flexilytes Combo partial dentures*. 
*Terms and conditions apply

Complete your smile

Transform your smile at a price you can afford. For a limited time, get 25% off Flexilytes℠ and get back to enjoying life your way.

³Discount applies to the Flexilytes partial denture only and not to related dentistry services, if any. Not valid for previous or ongoing work and cannot be combined with other discounts or dental discount programs. Discount taken off usual and customary fees for dentures and does not apply to services rendered by a specialist. Patients with insurance will receive either the 25% discount or insurance plan pricing, whichever discount is greater. Offer Available In Select Offices. Offer expires 7/31/24.


Aspen Dental patient reviews

Your story is why we’re here. Discover how our local teams keep patients like you smiling.
From the support staff to Dr. Fish, I have always been made to feel special whenever I have walked through the door! Aspen recently remade a very thin bottom denture for me at no cost. I know that a lot of time and effort went into this and I wanted to say thank you!
—Joel F. Bryant, AR
Wow is all I can say, my confidence has been restored! My upper teeth were really bad. I’m still young so I was nervous about dentures. These folks are great, my dentures although, temporary look fantastic. I’m very impressed, they are professional and affordable with my insurance they are in network.
—Steven M.Phoenix, AZ
The staff was terrific and made me feel welcome. They took all the embarrassment out of the process of getting dentures, and were compassionate about how sensitive this process is for me. They actually seem to LIKE their jobs, and it shows!!
—Sarah S. Eau Claire, WI

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