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Healthy Mouth Movement

Bringing better health care to more people means removing barriers to care. At home and abroad, Aspen Dental’s Healthy Mouth Movement is how we make a difference.

Aspen Dental Day of service 2022.

Day of Service

Every year since 2014, hundreds of Aspen Dental practices across the country open their doors to provide dental care at no cost to U.S. veterans.

Our mission 

Whether it’s cost, access, or education, Aspen Dental is committed to eliminating the barriers preventing millions of Americans from getting the oral health care they need.   We’re proud to open our doors each year to expand access to care and positively impact our communities through service.

Why we started

Millions of Americans have little to no access to dental care due to barriers like cost, lack of insurance, fear, and more. We started the Healthy Mouth Movement to unite our efforts in breaking down these barriers through programs like Day of Service, Overseas Outreach, Smile for Your Service and the TAG Oral Care Center for Excellence.

Join the movement

At home and abroad, the Healthy Mouth Movement is how we live our mission. Find out how you can get involved:
An Aspen Dental Overseas Outreach Program doctor examines a patient.

Overseas Outreach Program

Aspen Dental care teams travel around the world to bring free dental care to patients in areas of high need. 
Aspen Dental office staff pose with a veteran.

Smile for Your Service

Local offices sponsor a select veteran’s entire treatment plan, at no cost, to help restore their oral health and quality of life. 
An Aspen Dental doctor teaches a class full of students.

TAG Oral Care Center for Excellence 

We treat thousands of underserved patients yearly in Illinois at no cost and provides training facilities for Aspen Dental team members. 

Aspen Dental doctors pose outside of the MouthMobile.


The Aspen Dental Office on wheels provided free dental care to veterans across the country. 

Voices of the movement

Patients and team members share moments of care that moved them.
“The whole family, the children too, were seen and given fluoride. We are very grateful that now they can come do this type of work in our community.”
Julieta Martinez, Overseas Outreach Program patientAkumal, Mexico
“My sincere thanks for free dental care you are extending to myself and other veterans… Freedom is not free and your care to veterans reflects this act of kindness.”
Veteran and Aspen Dental patient2021 Day of Service
“We’re not going to change a community in one day, but we can come and put a stamp on it today and maybe prevent a few cavities and make it better overall.”
Megan Sadler, Aspen Dental HygienistOverseas Outreach Program

Welcome to the movement

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