Healthy Mouth Movement

Aspen Dental is proud to bring the Healthy Mouth Movement to communities across the country.


Many people who want a healthy mouth struggle to find oral health care when they need it, due to access to dentists nearby, availability and time, or insurance.

Those barriers kept more than 150 million Americans from visiting a dentist last year. The Healthy Mouth Movement is a community giving initiative launched by Aspen Dental to deliver free dental care and oral health education to people in need across the United States.

Through the Healthy Mouth Movement, dentists and team members in nearly 30 states devote a day to providing much-needed dental care to those who want a healthy mouth need it most – free of charge. The Aspen Dental MouthMobile, a fully-equipped dental office on wheels, goes directly into communities where care isn’t readily available to provide free services and to raise awareness of oral health.

In its inaugural year, the Healthy Mouth Movement served close to 3,000 patients by nearly 2,000 Aspen Dental volunteers. Aspen Dental doctors and team members delivered more than $1 million in free dental care, through free days of service in hundreds of Aspen Dental practices and via the Aspen Dental MouthMobile.

Many of those patients were veterans, and after seeing the need that exists in this community firsthand, we decided to build on this momentum, and focus our efforts in 2015 on providing care and service to those who have served our country: veterans.

Aspen Dental will work closely with local veterans organizations to reach those in need in their community throughout the Healthy Mouth Movement. Additionally, Aspen Dental is proud to partner with Got Your 6, a collaborative campaign that works to empower veterans and strengthen communities nationwide by uniting veteran organizations and engaging civilians to bridge the civilian-military divide. Got Your 6 – meaning “I got your back”– focuses on six key pillars of veteran reintegration, including leadership, health and education.

Got Your 6 unites nonprofit, entertainment industry, and government partners in collective action to change the cultural narrative around veterans in America, engage veterans and civilians together to foster understanding, and empower veterans to lead here at home. Got Your 6 believes that veterans have the unique potential to strengthen communities across the country and works with partners to ensure veterans can continue service in their communities as leaders and civic assets. Aspen Dental shares this belief, and through the MouthMobile tour and service of Aspen Dental team members, veterans will receive much needed dental care at 28 stops in 21 states in 2015.


The MouthMobile hit the road to help communities in need.

Find out more about the revolutionary dentist office on wheels and how it’s helping to give America a healthy mouth, one mile at a time.


Where will the MouthMobile be next?

Healthy mouths are on the way to a town near you.

The Aspen Dental MouthMobile will be making stops at local veteran organizations throughout the country to provide care to those in need. Appointments for free care for veterans on the MouthMobile will be scheduled through local partners.

  • Lexington, KY
MouthMobile Community Giving Event
  • Indianapolis, IN
MouthMobile Community Giving Event
  • Cincinnati, OH
MouthMobile Community Giving Event

Having an Impact

See the results of turning a mission into a movement.

Between the MouthMobile and our Days of Service, we’ve helped hundreds of people. And counting. See the 2014 results of turning a mission into a movement. The team from Aspen Dental doesn't just have a mission statement, they live it.



Why are you doing this?

Nearly 150 million Americans didn’t go to the dentist last year, and millions more live in communities where there is little or no access to care. Aspen Dental has made it their mission to provide much-needed dental care and education to those who need it most.

Do patients need to make an appointment? How?

Yes, advance appointments are required for free dental care. Please check this webpage often for instructions on how to make an appointment when they become available.

What is the Aspen Dental MouthMobile?

The Aspen Dental MouthMobile is a fully-equipped dental office on wheels, which travels directly into places where care isn’t available to provide free service and raise awareness on the importance of oral health. It has two fully-functioning treatment rooms as well as a digital X-ray unit and denture repair lab.

What kind of service will veterans be able to get?

In the spirit of helping as many veterans as possible, dentists will be focused on treating the most urgent dental need of each patient by providing a dental service such as a filling, extraction or denture repair.

The first priority is to get patients out of pain, make them aware of what other dental needs they have, and connect them with free or low-cost resources in their community that will help them continue to address their dental care needs.

Where does the MouthMobile travel to?

Aspen Dental MouthMobile tour will continue to travel coast to coast. For a list of locations, please check back soon.

Is the MouthMobile wheelchair accessible?


When will the Aspen Dental practice in my town be having their day of service?

Please check back soon to see when participating Aspen Dental practices will be holding their day of free service. 

What about dental needs after that day?

The first priority is to get patients out of pain, make them aware of what other dental needs they have and connect them with free or low-cost resources in their community that will help them continue to address their dental care needs.

Do patients need insurance/payment?

No. Aspen Dental team members are volunteering their time and talents – no payment will be accepted.

Will patients be required to prove that they are unable to afford care?

No. Patients will not be charged for any services, nor will they be asked to show any proof of income or need.