Man Saves Child with Dental Floss—Says “It Was Easy”

MUSCATINE, IA— A five-year-old boy who fell into a well yesterday afternoon is safe and sound after a dramatic rescue by a mysterious male in a white coat.

The child’s mother told reporters she and her son were enjoying a picnic when she looked away for just a few seconds and her son was gone.

“I raced to where I last saw him and heard him yelling to me from the well,” she said. “I screamed for help and out of nowhere this wonderful man appeared!”

The quick-reacting man pulled “something green” from his pocket, according to the mother. He began braiding what turned out to be dental floss into a minty-fresh, super-strong rope.

“I heard floss can save your gums, and can even help your heart,” said the astonished mother. “I never imagined it'd save my son's life.”

Together, the mother and man lowered the floss rope into the well for the boy to grab, and they pulled him up to safety.

Asked for comment, the hero—who turned out to be the dentist in Muscatine’s newly-opened Aspen Dental office—said it was simple.

“Helping people is my job. I saw a family in need, and knew what to do,” he said. “It was easy.”

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