Think the Tooth Fairy’s Fake? Wait ‘Til You Hear This Town’s Story

ALGONQUIN, IL—On Saturday night, a party went from mischief to magic when the host tried to perform his favorite party trick—opening a beer bottle with his teeth. He was stopped by what he’s now calling a tooth fairy.

According to eye witnesses, a winged woman swooped in just as the partygoer nearly yanked out his front teeth. She handed him her trusty bottle opener and insisted he give it a try. Afterward, the two teamed up for a few rounds of corn hole before she left in a mint-scented flash.

This spotting is just the latest in a string of sightings all over northeast Illinois. In the last month, there have been reports of an increase in spontaneous smiles, free toothbrushes, and even some fun floss tricks.

According to R. Arora, DDS, this is simply business as usual. Turns out, this fairy is a fellow Aspen Dental dentist committed to providing easier dental care to patients in need.

Arora went on to say, “It’s a trend spreading to any community with an Aspen Dental practice, as we are committed to making dentistry simply easier.”

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