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Simplifying the denture process

Trust our Aspen Dental team for all your denture needs, all at an affordable price. We’re with you on your journey every step of the way.

You first denture visit

When dental insurance covers implants (and when it may not)

Some insurance policies list dental implants as cosmetic procedures, which limits coverage options. But there can be cases when dental insurance picks up a portion of your procedure, like the post and abutment placement—which can make up for 45% of the total cost.

Insurance coverage available for implants varies depending on the need for treatment. Here are some instances, starting from most likely on left to least likely on the right:

Causing medical issues
Trauma to teeth
Anything you want to know about your first visit?

This is the most important visit where we get to know you and see the full picture of your mouth. Tap each step below or click here to watch our video to learn more.

Before you arrive
Check-in with front desk
Repairing your dentures in 5 easy steps
1. Walk in or book an appointment
2. Consult our team of Denture Experts
Placing a dental crown in 4 steps

You’ve decided that a dental crown is right for you—now, here’s what’s next

Your Aspen Dental care team will remove the outer portion of the tooth to prepare it for the crown.
They’ll take an impression or digital scan of your tooth.
Agenda Stepper Test

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4 steps to your new smile

Ready for a transformation? Your denture journey includes these important steps:

Impressions: these can be created 
digitally or manually.
Bite registration: bite into wax to ensure correct teeth placement.
What to expect: your denture repair

We keep your smile stress-free with a simple process you can count on.

Walk in or book a visit
Consult your Denture Experts team