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Public health and safety standards to keep you smiling

Aspen Dental facilities follow all public health regulations regarding the wearing of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). If needed, we’ll provide you with a mask or PPE at your visit. Here’s more ways we are protecting you during your visit.

A bottle of hand sanitizer sits on the counter.

Cleaning, hygiene and safety standards

We do anything to keep you safe and healthy. We’ve always been committed to the highest safety standards—and now deep cleaning has a whole new meaning as we sanitize chairs and surfaces between visits. When it comes to mask-wearing, we follow local guidelines. Don’t have a mask handy? We're happy to provide one to you when you arrive at the office.
An Aspen Dental Doctor takes a patient's temperature.

Wellness checks and symptom screenings

We require wellness checks for care teams and patients alike. This means daily health check-ins with staff. We’ll check in with you to make sure you're feeling well before you start your care to keep everyone safe and healthy.
An Aspen Dental doctor looks at dentures.

Onsite lab protocol

To maintain the highest safety standards from impression to insertion, we create your dentures onsite, so you stay safe and get the same quality of care from start to finish.