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We are aware of a worldwide IT outage. Most of our offices are up and running, but if you need to confirm your appointment, please reach out to your local Aspen Dental office directly. We're here to help and appreciate your understanding.

An Aspen Dental doctor smiles with a patient.

What to expect at the dentist

At Aspen Dental, we welcome new and returning patients alike with friendly service, expert guidance and easy access to the care you deserve.

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Your dental appointments, your way

From an initial consultation to denture repairs, and even a full-scale smile restoration—your Aspen Dental team is here to help you smile with confidence.

What to expect at your first dental visit

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your dentist, we get it—life can get in the way of prioritizing your oral health. But when it’s time for your Aspen Dental visit, you can expect a warm welcome and care tailored to you.

Prep for your dental visit

What to expect at a denture visit

Whether you’re an experienced denture wearer or seeing us for the first time, your Aspen Dental care team is happy to help. Choose from a variety of smile solutions so that your new smile feels comfortable, natural and just like you.  

What to expect at an implant visit

Because dental implants function like your natural teeth, it’s no wonder why they’re such a popular smile solution. An implant is a fixed addition that looks and feels like your real tooth. Your dentist will work with you to decide if implants are right for you. 


Have an emergency?

Get the emergency care you need, when you need it. Your local Aspen Dental team is staffed and equipped to handle whatever urgent dental needs you may be facing. If you’re experiencing any concerning symptoms, get in for the care you need today.

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Aspen Dental's what to expect new patient visit video with Dr. Lauren McDonough.

Sneak peek: your dental visit

Join Dr. McDonough as she walks you through what to expect at your first Aspen Dental visit. Click on the video and get to know your new ‘A’ team.
Aspen Dental visit checklist. 
1. arrive 15 minutes early 
2. bring a valid ID
3. bring your insurance information
4. take a deep breath - you got this

Preparing for your dental visit

To make sure you’re feeling comfortable, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your upcoming Aspen Dental appointment. Here are our best tips to help you arrive with confidence.


Curb your dental anxiety

It’s our job to provide you with expert dental care in an environment that makes you feel at ease. If you have any reservations about an upcoming appointment, talk with your Aspen Dental dentist. They’ll be happy to help provide you with any necessary comfort measures so you can have a pleasant experience.  


What to expect at your dental visit

Your dentist will craft a customized treatment plan that outlines exactly what dental services they recommend to enhance your smile. During your visit, they’ll go over details about the timeframe, cost, insurance details and anything else you need to know to get the dental care you need. 

An Aspen Dental doctor consults with a patient.

The big picture

You’ll sit down with your dentist to chat about your dental treatment, medical history, and why you’ve come to see the dentist. Next, is a thorough oral exam to help diagnose any oral health issues and develop a treatment plan that’s right for you—because seeing the full picture of your mouth can help us get it to its healthiest place.

Aspen Dental doctors look at X-rays.


Depending on your dental history, your dentist may recommend the taking of a series of digital images or X-rays to get a good look at your entire mouth. X-rays allow your dentist to see things that can’t be seen by the naked eye, and they help your dentist conduct a comprehensive exam. 

An Aspen Dental doctor consults with a patient.

Your dental treatment plan

Your mouth is our mission. That means providing you with comprehensive oral care – taking care of the problems that are bothering you today and preventing small issues from getting bigger and more complex. 

An Aspen Dental doctor consults with a patient.

Peace of mind and mouth

After the dentist finishes your exam, our office manager will sit down with you. The goal is to answer any questions or concerns you might have, like how dental insurance works, or what sort of payment options are going to work for you. Our goal is always patient peace of mind. 

An Aspen Dental doctor prepares for a dental exam.

Making you smile, safely

Aspen Dental facilities follow all public health regulations regarding the wearing of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). If needed, we’ll provide you with a mask or PPE at your visit. Discover the ways we’re protecting you during your visit.


After your visit

Your Aspen Dental care team will help you to schedule and plan for your next appointment. If needed, they’ll send you home with instructions and tips to take good care of your smile until your next visit. 

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Ongoing care visits

Dental financing options

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Treatment cost

At Aspen Dental, we’re committed to keeping prices low so you can afford the care you need. With or without insurance, we’ll work with third-party lenders to help you find a financing plan to fit your budget and lifestyle. If you have any reservations about an upcoming appointment, talk with your Aspen Dental dentist. They’ll be happy to help provide you with any necessary comfort measures so you can have a pleasant experience.

FAQs: What to expect

Your initial appointment sets the solid foundation for your oral health. We’ll discuss your health and medical history, as well as conduct a comprehensive exam to make sure we have everything we need to set up your smile for success. 

We recommend that you bring your dental insurance information, a list of any medications you are currently taking, any previous dental records or x-rays (if applicable) and a completed new patient form if you’ve got one.

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It’s okay to experience some uneasiness when visiting the dentist—especially if it’s been a while. Your Aspen Dental care team wants you to be comfortable during your appointment and will do everything they can to make your visit more comfortable. If you have any specific reservations or requests, don’t be shy to mention them to your dentist so they can accommodate.

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A dental emergency requires immediate care, and we know how concerning that can be. Your Aspen Dental team is here for you, just give us a call at (880) 270-3633 and we'll find the earliest available appointment at an office close to you. 

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