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A person is holding an open Motto case with the words 'put your best face forward' and containing clear aligners inside.

Your guides to a straighter smile

Whether you’re just getting started on your first Motto® clear aligners tray or you’re retaining that gorgeous smile you’ve worked hard for, find helpful guides here. 

A woman holding clear aligners between her teeth on a pamphlet laid in a zig-zag way titled 'Healthy bite, healthy you. Motto healthy smile guide'

Motto Healthy Smile Guide

Motto does more than give you a straighter smile—it can give you oral, physical and mental health benefits. See why and how here. 

View Motto Healthy Smile Guide
A woman holding clear aligners in her hand on a group of three booklets titled 'Let's make moves. Motto aligner guide' on a blue table.

Motto Aligner Guide

How to wear your aligners. How to clean them. What to do if they get lost or damaged. Everything you need to know to build your perfect Motto smile is right here.

A man with a wide-open mouth is shown putting clear aligners on his teeth in a booklet titled 'Its a keeper. Motto retainer guide' placed against a wall.

Motto Retainer Guide

Your retainer was custom-designed to keep your new smile in place. Here’s what you need to do to take care of your retainer—and what to do if it gets lost or damaged.