NaturaLytes® Dentures

A natural look makes these dentures the natural choice.

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Cold-Pour Dentures Premium cold-pour denture base acrylic with visible fibers that provides a more natural appearance and increased durability
Custom Detailing Custom detailing added around the gum and denture line to make the gums appear more natural
New Hue™ Teeth New Hue™ teeth with three shades to choose from
Ridges/Rugae Ridges added to the palate to give a natural palate feel and assist in chewing of food

One of the most important priorities in creating dentures is to ensure a natural look. Your dentures should be a careful match for your face and complexion. That's the goal of the affordable line of NaturaLytes dentures.

NaturaLytes dentures don't sacrifice function for form. They are created from high-grade materials that are shaped using the proven cold-pour process. The result is a wear-resistant denture that's backed by a 3-year limited warranty and our promise for a comfortable fit. 

Craftsmanship and affordability make NaturaLytes the natural choice.