FlexiLytes® - Our partial dentures are a complete success.

From your first smile in the mirror, you'll know why so many patients love our FlexiLytes® partial dentures. They're custom-made by our specially trained technicians to give you a look you'll be proud of. Each partial denture is handcrafted with unique custom detailing for a natural look and feel.

FlexiLytes® partial dentures are crafted with a variety of tissue colors so they blend more closely to your natural gums. And in creating your smile, we'll help you choose from three different shades to achieve the optimum match for a natural look.

Crafted from a state-of-the-art thermal injection process, FlexiLytes® partial dentures provide reassuring durability and comfort. In fact, they're made from one of the most reliable compounds available anywhere. Yet they're also completely metal-free, so they offer increased flexibility, as well as being durable and lightweight.

FlexiLytes® partial dentures even come with a 2-year limited warranty.

*Your Immediate Denture is a temporary denture that you will wear until your permanent denture is ready. It provides improved comfort and appearance, and can aid in the healing process, so you don’t have to wait to smile again.

2 year