Denture Repair & Reline

In order to keep your dentures working and fitting properly, dentists at Aspen Dental branded practices recommend replacing your dentures every 5-7 years. It is likely that your dentures will need to be repaired during that time.

Common denture repairs include:

  • Denture reline A resurfacing of the side of your denture that’s in contact with soft tissues in your mouth to make it fit more securely.
  • Denture rebase When the pink acrylic of your denture, which holds your teeth in place, is completely remade. Your replacement teeth are placed in a new base.
  • Adjustment due to a sore spot If you get a sore spot (due to your denture rubbing against your gums or mouth tissues), our team can make adjustments to relieve your discomfort.

Every Aspen Dental office has an onsite denture lab, saving you time and return office visits for adjustments.

Unlike with other denture providers, you’ll get your new dentures in days, not weeks*. Because the denture lab is on site, your dentist and denture technician can partner together to deliver the best fit for you.  

Why it is important to replace your dentures every 5-7 years

As you age, your mouth changes shape. Your jaws may not align as your bones and gums naturally recede and shrink, and your dentures will not fit well any longer. Worn or poorly fitting dentures can cause infection, mouth sores, and other issues. Your dentist at your Aspen Dental practice will advise you as to when your dentures need to be replaced.  

*Some limitations may apply. See provider for details.

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