How we make our custom dentures

Aspen Dental practices are collectively one of the leading denture producers in the U.S., and have made over one million dentures since 2000. Every Aspen Dental denture is handcrafted and custom made for you to fit your appearance and speaking style, while improving the way you eat and chew. Learn more about the custom denture making process and denture quality below. 

Impressions will be taken of your teeth and/or gums

These impressions will be used to create a model of your mouth. If needed, these impressions may also be used to create a wax model called a Try-In Denture, which will allow your dentist to make sure your denture functions properly.

Choose your denture details

You will be able to preview a range of teeth shapes, colors and translucencies, so you can choose what looks most natural on you. Additional details to help simulate a natural appearance are available with certain styles of dentures:

  • Gum shades - including custom color options
  • Gum texture - carved bumps, ridges, fibers and vein-like detail added to the denture to help resemble a natural gum line
  • Ridging - details in the roof of the upper denture simulating the ridges on the roof of the  mouth, which helps the tongue when speaking and helps rotate food around the palate while eating

Your dentures will be made in the denture lab at your Aspen Dental practice

There are two ways dentures are made at Aspen Dental practices:

  • Cold-pour is a traditional method of fabricating dentures, and uses pourable acrylic, which is proven for its reliability and durability. The cold-pour method is used to create the more affordable lines of Aspen Dental full dentures: Basic, Classic, and NaturaLytes.
  • Heat-injected is a more advanced technology in which the denture material is injected into a custom mold under high pressure and then heat-cured. The resulting denture is stronger, denser, and more closely matches the impressions of your mouth, so it can provide a more precise and comfortable fit. This method is used to create our ComfiLytes (full), FlexiLytes Combo (partial), and FlexiLytes (partial) dentures. 

Final adjustments will be made for a comfortable fit

Because your Aspen Dental practice has an on-site denture lab, your denture team can make on-the-spot adjustments to your dentures to ensure the right fit and save you return trips to your Aspen Dental practice. 

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