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Snap-on veneers

Snap-on veneers are an easy and affordable way to enhance your smile. Although we don’t offer snap-on veneers at Aspen Dental, we provide our patients with long-lasting traditional veneers. Learn more below, or explore your options by calling your dentist.

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Snap-on teeth veneers

Snap-on veneers are also known as snap-on teeth veneers, clip-on veneers and pop-on veneers. These temporary veneers provide an immediate aesthetic improvement to your teeth, while restoring the fullness of your smile.

Snap-on veneers benefits

Snap-on veneers are minimally invasive and make it easy to quickly enhance your smile. You’ll enjoy how simple they are to use, clean and maintain. 

Snap-on veneers for missing teeth

Snap-on veneers can help cover gaps between your teeth to restore your smile. Although this is a convenient short-term solution, we recommend a more durable option like traditional veneers.

Snap-on veneers for chipped teeth

Snap-on veneers can help enhance the appearance of chipped or damaged teeth, however we recommend a smile solution that will stand the test of time. Explore your veneers options here.

Snap-on veneers cost

The cost for snap-on veneers varies depending on your dentist. Aspen Dental does not offer snap-on veneers as a service, however we recommend longer term solutions like traditional veneers.

Snap-on veneers FAQs

Yes, you can still enjoy your favorite foods with snap-on veneers. However, it’s best to avoid hard or sticky foods to protect their durability and appearance. 

Yes, snap-on veneers are an economical smile solution to conceal imperfections and enhance your smile without invasive dental procedures. 

Snap-on veneers are minimally invasive and easy to apply. However, because they cover your teeth, it’s possible they can conceal tooth decay and gum disease. It’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions when it comes to oral hygiene and care so you can make the most of your snap-on veneers. 

Snap-on veneers typically last 3 to 5 years with proper care and maintenance, making them a great temporary cosmetic dentistry solution. 

If your smile needs longer-term support, our traditional veneers may be a better fit. Learn more about veneers here

Veneers for an effortless smile

Although Aspen Dental doesn’t provide snap-on veneers, we offer beautiful traditional veneers to brighten your smile. Explore your options by contacting your local Aspen Dental team.