Today's Dose of Goodness

Aspen Dental has been - and will always be - about 'yes.' Yes to helping patients get the care they need today, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Providing care so that a patient can get cancer treatment? Yes!
  • Providing care so that a member of the National Guard could be called into duty to help during the coronavirus outbreak? Yes!
  • Providing care so that a denture patient could celebrate her birthday with a smile? Yes!

Here are Today's Doses of Goodness from Team Tennessee:

"We have a patient today who will be getting stem cell replacement this week due to cancer. He was very thankful that we were still open today to take care of his extractions so he can move forward with kicking cancer's butt!!!!"

Tammy Hartman, OM, Dickson, TN

"In Morristown, we are also working hard to get our patients out of pain! We saw a National Guardsman who needed his DD Form filled out urgently so he could be called up to active duty due to the coronavirus. He was so appreciative that we were open and were able to help him. 

We also have seen a lot of patients with gum swelling and pain that would have normally gone to an urgent care facility but, instead, we were able to help them out and get them out of pain. 

Dr. Park worked in several extractions yesterday on an already full schedule to help out our patients! So proud of our Aspen Family and all we do to take care of our patients!"

Amanda Buchman, OM, Morristown, TN

"It's only 8:45 a.m. and we have already had amazing patients in JC (Johnson City). We saw a walk-in patient and did a limited exam. She was so thankful that we were open and could see her today and get her out of pain. 

Our lab tech was able to get a set of replacement dentures finished early. We called the patient to see if she wanted to come in early. 'Ya'll,' she cried, and said 'I'll be there on my birthday to get my new smile!'

I know that these are crazy times but there are patients that truly need us to be here to keep them out of pain and to keep their spirits lifted."

Destiny McGuire, OM, Johnson City, TN

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