For generations, it’s been said that our FIRST PRESIDENT had wooden teeth, but is there truth to this wide-spread myth? Aspen Dental practice owner Dr. Shekhar Gupta crossed the Delaware to visit the National Museum of Dentistry at the University of Maryland to find out firsthand. 

Instead of teeth made from timber, Mr. President's dentures were a luxury. His choppers were made from hippopotamus ivory and human teeth. He even had gold in his grill! But gilded teeth aren't all they're cracked up to be: it was difficult for George to eat and speak. And years of damaging denture use deformed his famous presidential appearance (see the $1 bill). We only wish The American Cincinnatus could have been fitted with modern dentures. Lightweight and flexible, Washington could have enjoyed a menu beyond hoecakes and pudding. So, why the myth of wooden teeth? America's first president loved wine, which stained his ivory denticles, giving them an appearance of wood grain.

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